Saudi Arabia has the evaluation of the U.S. secret service, the CIA, the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had arranged the murder of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, officially rejected. A report by the Washington Post Minister Adel al-Jubeir commented on the outside in an Interview with the newspaper Aschark al-Ausat with the words: “We know in the Kingdom, that such allegations against the crown Prince are completely false, and we reject them categorically.”

At the same time, Al made it clear- – Jubeir, the monarchy in Riyadh would be no charges against your highest carrier will tolerate. “I want to emphasize that the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is represented by the king and the heir to the throne, a red line,” he said. “We will not allow any Attempts to touch them, by whomsoever and under whatever pretext.”

The Washington Post had reported, citing multiple sources, the CIA see Bin Salman as the mastermind behind the violent death of the journalist Khashoggi in Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul. The Ministry of foreign Affairs in Washington made it clear on Saturday but there is still no final assessment in the criminal case had been concluded. US President, Donald Trump spoke of a “very hasty” conclusion. The full CIA report to be submitted to it until this Tuesday.

Turkey wants international investigation

What exactly at the 2 October, in the Consulate happened, like Khashoggi served as a consultant, then a critic of the Saudi Royal family – came to death and who is responsible, is not even seven weeks later, still without a doubt to be clarified. On the day of the 59 Year old was gone, as if he wanted to pick up in the Consulate of his country in Istanbul documents for his wedding. The Turkish government assumes that he was killed by an extra from Saudi Arabia have travelled in command. Then his body is cut up and dissolved in an acid. The Royal house in Riyadh confirmed the killing of the journalist who had written after his escape to the USA for the Washington Post, after weeks of denials.

Should confirm the findings of the CIA, this would not only strain the relations between the United States and its key ally Saudi Arabia, but also of the Prosecutor’s office in Riyadh directly contradict. This had relieved the crown Prince last again, and instead of five senior government employees accused of arbitrarily a 15-member special team to kill Khashoggis sent. The accused face the death penalty.

Now Turkey is considering an international investigation of the Case. On all aspects of such a step, he had already spoken with UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, said foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. A spokesman for the United Nations, added that Ankara had not requested an investigation to the case of Khashoggi previously formal. An official request from the countries involved believe that Guterres, but necessary, in order to take appropriate steps.

Saudi Arabian crown Prince comes to the G20-summit

The case caused international outrage. After the US had imposed sanctions against 17 former Saudi government employees, stopped the Federal government all arms exports to Saudi Arabia and imposed Entry bans against 18 a Saudi national to be a citizen of, suspected of, directly or indirectly, in Khashoggis murder have been involved. France also think about punitive measures. “We are currently working with Germany,” foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in the station Europe 1.

Regardless of the accusations against him, wants to represent the Saudi crown Prince his country at the G20 summit in Argentina. The participation of the crown Prince’s achievements in the context of a foreign tour, said of the Saudi energy Minister Khalid al-Falih. So the 33 would be represented once more, his father, the 82-year-old king Salman, travels seldom abroad.

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