Everything has been tried, the Saudi Royal house, the monstrous suspicion of his crown Prince to distract. New versions of the world were served up to the public to the mysterious Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi in the Istanbul Consulate. First it was said that the Whole thing was an accident, then a wrong running of the kidnapping and, most recently, a planned murder plot itself, a beautiful secret service agent behind the back of the Almighty Mohammed bin Salman. 21 Saudis are currently sitting in your country in jail, including all 15 members of the 2. October, from Riad posted Teams, executed the killing. Demonstrative of the Saudi chief Prosecutor for five of the alleged offenders demanded the death penalty, eleven are a total of charged. Since the weekend, however, the frantic maneuver of Saudi Arabia, to lay the murder as quickly as possible, with a few decapitated subordinates ad acta has failed, definitively.

As the Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the US secret service CIA had authorized in his final report to the conclusion, Mohammed bin Salman, personally, “with high probability” the murder of Khashoggi – the toughest blow to the Reputation and credibility of the crown Prince. Internationally, he is now barely presentable – and he should be able to keep the home at the Power to put in the future, politically, much more of the United States under pressure.

US Vice-President Mike Pence announced in a first reaction, it was determined to pull all those responsible for this murder to justice, but stressed at the same time, the United States wanted to continue holding on to the “solid and historically grown relationship” with Saudi Arabia. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had to explain that there were still “many unanswered questions”, and his government had formed no final judgment. Also, Donald Trump was assured but he had full confidence in the CIA. The U.S. President wants to say in the next few days more, and on Tuesday, he is getting the full report. For the time being, he called the conclusions “very premature”, the last of which he had stressed in an Interview that he had assured the crown Prince, “that he has nothing to do with it”: “Many people” would have told him also, bin Salman also had no knowledge of the fact. The President would probably like to, but it probably is not.

relations with Saudi Arabia under pressure

The Trump-government unit by the distinct CIA conclusion in a deeper Dilemma. For you Mohammed bin Salman is the most important regional allies in the fight against Iran, and by far the largest arms buyer in the Middle East. In contrast, the USA want to end the war in Yemen, the 33-Year-old has started and is now threatening half of the 28 million inhabitants with starvation, as quickly as possible – as well as the exorbitant Boycott of Qatar. As a first step, the Pentagon stopped recently, the US air sorties to Refuel the Saudi fighter jets. So far, the US has not imposed sanctions against 17 Saudis, however, against the heir to the throne.

The house of representatives, however, will be dominated after the mid-term elections in the future of the Democrats, this is not nearly far enough. It wants to review the American-Saudi relations. Also the influence of Republicans in the Senate are calling for further consequences. You require Saudi Arabia to relax the repression and arrested activists released, in may arrested women’s rights activists, the decades have long fought for the right to drive a car.

In your judgment about the role of Mohammed bin Salman’s support, the CIA investigators, among other things, on the recording of a conversation between the younger brother of the crown Prince and the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, Khaled bin Salman, and the Murdered. In the interview, the 30-year-old king’s son denies vigorously that he is said to have Khashoggi at the behest of his brother, the crown Prince, to Istanbul lured. In Washington, he could not get the desired wedding paper, but in the Consulate on the Bosphorus, he explained to the caller and assured him that he could safely go, it will happen nothing. A few days after the murder, grabbed Khaled bin Salman rushed to his suitcase in Washington, and traveled back to Riyadh, where he is ever since.

“tell your Boss that the thing is done”

another Argument of the US investigators, the strictly authoritarian command mentality is on the Arabian Peninsula. Subordinates even marginal things can not decide for themselves, without consulting your boss. Mohammed bin Salman, as the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia’s absolute Power. With him everything comes together. He is considered a technocrat and is controlled much in Detail. His father, king Salman, is old and senile, with many issues to date. Of the international turmoil to Khashoggi, he learned, apparently, only ten days after the murder, because he looks only to Saudi television and otherwise, his time with a small circle of long-standing Confidant spends.

Against this Background, it keeps the CIA for virtually excluded that a Crew of security people is planning such a delicate and complex Operation, with two private aircraft in the territory of another state, to get without the de facto head of state, Mohammed bin Salman, the Express permission. In this direction also the recording of another call, in which the leader of the death squads, Maher Mutreb, yet from the Consulate building called a member of staff in the office of the crown Prince and him telling points: “tell your Boss that the thing is done.”

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at jumphigher55@aol.com or 82-2-6956-6698.