You can accuse Donald Trump much, but one thing is not: the lack of resistance. By the Actions of the US President, a pattern that is as simple as it is dangerous: anyone Who strokes his Ego and his coffers fill, his friend, who does not do this, is his enemy. This negligent procedure is in the Middle East, but not only Trumps character owed. Rather, he continues a strategy that for decades the American foreign policy in the Region and thus be summarized: economic interests are more important than human life.

The despots in the Middle East are predestined for these dirty covenants outright: you have money, some even Oil, in addition to her authoritarian style of leadership gives you influence. For the Trump in turn, is willing, its violations of fundamental human rights. And transforms an already fragile Region in the stroke of the pen in a mine field.

The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi Trump calls a “great friend”, do a “fantastic Job”. Sissi’s first since his coup to office 2013 with extreme hardness against critics, systematically, human rights activists, journalists, homosexuals, arrest and torture, he has driven the whole of civil society into the ground – but Donald Trump is no matter.

Trump is now against my better judgement, the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, short MBS, with murder, is therefore, unfortunately, not surprising. However, the impact could weigh heavier than all the others in front of it.

Saudi-Arabia – For Donald Trump, the economy of Saudi Arabia to stay in spite of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a strong Partner of the United States, says Donald Trump. Therefore, it is not going to forego hundreds of billions. © Photo: Leah Millis/Reuters

In a bizarre Letter Trump MBS speaks of any consequences for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi-free, on behalf of the United States, where the Saudi had lived in sche Journalist last in exile. The murder of Khashoggi in Istanbul the Consulate by 2. October is not elucidated completely. However, hardly anyone doubts now that the crown Prince himself is behind it. Even trump’s own secret service, the CIA, assumes that MBS has personally ordered the murder of critics of the regime. Trump, however, refuses to draw him accountable, on the contrary, The United States intends to remain “one of the loyalty Partner of Saudi Arabia”, because the world, as his justification, “is a very dangerous place”. America first!

The truth is not interested in Trump

Frightening fact: Trump does not even bother, the debt of MBS to deny. His Statement makes it clear: He would stand by him, even if it is not clear evidence that he had ordered the assassination. The murder of Khashoggi was “terrible”, but the crown Prince had assured a number of times to have knew nothing about it, writes Trump. Whether that’s true or not, he could not say: “Maybe he knew, maybe.” For Trump, this is also of secondary importance, for him alone, to have a Riad, a “great ally” in the fight against Iran and terrorism.

the content-related misconduct except for the Wahhabi Kingdom is preparing, with its rigid interpretation of Islam for years, extremists on the ground sends this message to a dangerous Signal to despots in the Middle East. If even the American President, the basic values of the liberal order taunted in such a blatantly press and freedom of expression, law enforcement and the rule of law – then you can do this. You can look forward to in the future, from the USA, no lectures about morality threaten of sanctions and punishments.

of Course: The West has long had a difficult relationship with the despots in the Middle East. Also, the European foreign policy based more on interests on the enforcement of their moral Beliefs. Also, it follows a simple pattern. The rhetoric sounds challenging: It warns the despots to respect human rights and at least semi-fair elections. Nevertheless, it supports dictators such as Mubarak and Gaddafi, even if they tyrannize their own people, because it is supposedly for stability and the Terror fight. To this miscalculation, the Arab spring has changed nothing, though the Europeans have been brought very clearly before the eyes what the people in the Arab world – namely, the Same as you: democracy, respect for human rights, freedom of expression.

Up to today, the European governments in business deals with autocratic-led countries such as Egypt are more important than the consequences of the devastating human rights situation. In Syria, the perfidious extent of Western helplessness – or calculated ignorance – in all its clarity. For the past seven years in power, Assad can torture bomb in front of the eyes and with the Knowledge of world public opinion to his own people, starve,. He can Mature, because the West has missed the time to enter, before he was able to expand with the help of its supporters, Iran and Russia his Power.

The Europeans are allowed to Trump not

in Spite of everything, the international community has been trying, so far, are still at it, fundamental ethical principles, at least on a symbolic level. These times may now be over. MBS leads to a destructive war in Yemen, the Lebanese head of the government, abduct, opposition imprison and are now a critical journalists to be murdered and not have to expect with trump’s assistance, with consequences, at least not directly.

In the country is growing criticism of the crown Prince. Can be used by Europeans and need to make it clear: you are to follow Trump. If Germany stops arms exports, is the right step to take. To hold those responsible accountable, or to allow only an independent investigation under the supervision of the United Nations, may be difficult. But the European heads of state can, and must, in the long term, align your dealings with the Saudi Royal house. On economic sanctions, visa bans, the cancellation of arms deals, investigations into war crimes in can increase the pressure on the Royal house. And perhaps the conditions for change in Saudi Arabia.

Not only for the people in the Middle East who have to live with the arbitrary nature of these despots, that would be an important Signal. But for all that don’t want to live in a world of standards, nothing more.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.