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The allegations against Ali b. are severe: He is said to have raped the 14-year-old Susanna and killed. In addition, he and an accomplice to have multiple needs an eleven-year-old miss. The Wiesbaden public Prosecutor’s office has charged, therefore, the charges against him. In addition to murder, rape, and severe sexual child abuse, he was also accused of a robbery.

Ali B. has given, to have Susanna killed, rape and the abuse of the Eleven-year-old he denies. The abuse of the girl will probably be negotiated in a separate process prior to the youth protection chamber.

In the case against Ali b. there was a variety of inconsistencies. What errors are happening? Why was lying on his asylum application so long? Overview of responses.

a refugee or not?

At 7. June 2018, after Susanna’s body had been found, said the Wiesbaden police President Stefan Müller in a press conference on the investigation, which had already gone against Ali. Including the alleged rape of an eleven-year-old refugee girl.

Later: The girl is not a Refugee. Five days after the press conference, the investigators said that it was a false information. The “Allgemeine Zeitung” said Mueller, him a “regrettable error at the Wealth of information”.

A suspicion without consequences

it remains Unclear why the suspected rape did not harden.

The Wiesbaden public Prosecutor’s office describes the process at the request of the MIRROR and all of The 17. May 2018, the father of a girl called the Wiesbaden police. He said his daughter had been raped by a refugee. The have said the eleven-year-old to her mother. The incident back two months.

The police tried to interrogate the girl, and to arrange for a doctor to examine him. But the eleven-year-old is not the according to the speaker wanted. Four further Attempts to 6. June you have made. In vain.

the mother could Also contribute, therefore, no new Details. Therefore, the facts of the case could not be substantiated. The investigators refrained from questioning Ali.

A crucial year difference

The eleven-year-old should not only be from Ali b. raped. A 14-Years have passed. Against him have also been filed; he denies the allegations.

Initially, the police believed the second Suspect was 13 years old. Later they informed that he was a year older. A crucial difference: Only 14 according to the penal code the age of criminal responsibility. How it came to the error, said the spokesman for the Wiesbaden public Prosecutor’s office on request. Meanwhile, investigators are talking about, the Suspect was at least 14 years old.

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Also admitted Ali B.’s age. First of all, it was said that he was 20 years old. This was later corrected to: B. be 21 years of age. The confusion of the Prosecutor’s office, because of a pay driver On the Iraqi identity card as the date of birth of the 11.3.1997. In the German asylum procedure of 3.11.1997. How the error came about is not explained, the Prosecutor’s office.

The slip-up has consequences: As Ali B. at the time was already 21 years old, he can be sentenced under juvenile law.

The late investigations in the case of Susanna

Susanna had been one of the 22. May 2018 as missing. Her mother criticized the police early on, The investigators would have done five days of nothing, only thanks to the lawyer of the family of Susanna’s cell phone was located and a public investigation has been initiated. Possible errors in the investigation were discussed in committees in the Landtag in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.

the head of The Mainz-based forensic inspection, said, according to the newspaper “Rheinpfalz” in front of the Committee, that Susanna had been first reported missing. But before that, it had not come more often home at night. This had been taken into account in the risk assessment.

Susanna was, moreover, already since months, only rarely in school, as interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), said in the Hessian Parliament. He sees no error in the investigators.

The left witness

On the 29. May reported a witness at Susanna’s mother. The caller told an anonymous caller told her the 14-Year-old was killed and a railway track have been buried. The mother informed the police but the investigators found the dead girl until about a week later.

In the meantime, it has not been possible for the police to speak with the witness. The reason: The woman was on a short vacation with her mother, as police President Müller said.

The police have not succeeded, according to the Minister of the interior, Beuth, to determine your location. You’ve been trying to reach you on the phone, says the spokesman for the Wiesbaden Prosecutor’s office.

The abandoned asylum

Ali B., had come in October of 2015, with his parents and seven brothers and sisters from Iraq to Germany. The asylum applications of the members of the family were dismissed, in January of 2017, they complained about it. This is a complaint you have established but never.

the lawyer for The family told the MIRROR that his client hadn’t spoken with him about the reasons for their Flight. Also, the Wiesbaden administrative court did not touch. The procedure remained.

the President of The court, Egon Christ, defended himself in the “Wiesbadener Kurier” against criticism. In the year 2017, to be received by the court 5179 actions against asylum decisions, a legacy of 1614 cases.

These would not be processed upon receipt, but according to criteria such as disease or crime are prioritised. In the case of Ali b. the court had, however, no evidence for a conspicuous behavior of the Iraqi man, she, which would have justified a faster processing. The 21-Year-old was already in front of Susanna’s death, police are known, such as for robbery, assault and resistance against the police.

The escape at the airport

investigators Susanna’s body found on 6. June, buried next to railway tracks on the edge of the Wiesbaden industrial area. About a week before, Ali B.’s family was rushed out of your accommodation in Wiesbaden broken.

The parents and their six children flew in on 2. June from Dusseldorf to Istanbul, and from there to Erbil in Northern Iraq. Although the names on the boarding passes is not the same as the on their papers were, let you you. At the airport the passport, according to police photos, but not the name has been matched.

the Federal police and the airlines are not obligated. The domestic policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Burkhard Lischka, wants to change the MIRROR information. Airlines will in future have to control not only the on-Board cards, but also the identity cards of the passengers.

Shortly after the escape it came to the spectacular return. Kurdish security forces took the 21-Year-old, he was brought without extradition proceedings to Germany. Federal police chief Dieter Romann flew with special forces in Iraq and picked up Ali.

Summary: Ali B. is indicted for the murder of 14-year-old Susanna, and other offences. The authorities did in dealing with different breakdowns. So investigators had to correct twice age of Suspects; an alleged rape victim by Ali B. it was only, she was Fleeing, later it turned out that she is German. The Wiesbaden administrative court Ali B. s was lying on a lawsuit against the rejected application for asylum, although she was not well-founded.

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