“The industry-standard Häme is the news magazine for sure, but it would probably be wiser if at least journalists would hold your Schadenfreude: A bolder, Yes criminal liar in the MIRROR, that’s what countless conspiracy theorists in times of debates on the Fake-News have all been looking for. Seen in this way, the case, the industry as a whole.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

“The extent of the case is considerable. (…) How painful is the case for the MIRROR and how important it is for the self-understanding of the editorial, notes to the comprehensive and detailed representation in their own right. The MIRROR asks even possible forgeries in the texts of Relotius.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“The case brings back memories of the scandal of the Swiss journalist Tom Kummer published for years, new composite or completely fictional Interviews with Hollywood stars in the German-speaking Newspapers and magazines, also in the ‘SZ-Magazin’, the former editor-in-chief Duo was released after the unveiling of the ‘Focus’ in the year 2000. (……) The journalism is under immense pressure to prove its credibility and to defend, what the editorial explains the quick, decisive and unsparing reappraisal of the MIRROR.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung

“understand The news magazine as the vanguard of journalism. Accordingly, the horror should have been, as the future editor-in-chief Steffen Klusmann on Wednesday noon in the entrance hall revealed to the assembled journalists a Story, which is a major blow for the news magazine anyway, but for the Rest of the German media industry.”

“The story of Relotius, the swindler, is only half the story. The truth is that the juries and editors of Relotius were not cheated easily, but his stories, wanted to hear. A bit cheated wanted to be, as in the Hollywood cinema.

of Course, Relotius has exceeded the limit in the fiction, but the Illusion starts in news reports long before the lie. Namely, in the Story. And the Relotius well. He spoke to us, he sang to us, as it was to us: and a Half he moved us half, we fell.”

“In all of the major investigative stories of the past decades has been the MIRROR never satisfied with it, to unmask the perpetrators. Always was asked for the System. According to the godfather in the Background. According to the holey control instances. After a culture of cheating.”
The former “Handelsblatt”-chief Gabor Steingart in his “Morning Briefing”

“The case Relotius the mirror should be an occasion for the industry, something to think about. Since many years I observe in many media, a shift away from the hard Research, and the staging. (……) Many of the German reports, the cash in the same bag the way journalists prices, read kind of like a Novella: a Lot of too good to be true.”
business journalist Bernd Ziesemer in the industry-service “.”

“Fichtner (the designated Co-editor-in-chief Ullrich Fichtner – editor’s note) writes, that ‘questions of the internal Organisation, which are to be addressed without delay’, and that’s true. But it also poses questions about the internal culture and the culture of an entire industry. ‘Claas Relotius has all the dazzled’, writes Ullrich Fichtner. That’s true. But like to all let him dazzle!”
media journalist Stefan Niggemeier in the industry portal “Übermedien”

“Where (……) personally experienced of reporters, and the works of Relotius in large Parts, were the trust comes into play. Because observations and impressions are not verifiable. Here, it comes down to the Ethos of the journalist. Relotius had no Ethos, he was consumed by the ambition to deliver the best possible Reportage. To such colleagues, the System failed.”
“The daily mirror”

The case Relotius opinion of the editor-in-chief of A reconstruction in his own case, The answers to the important questions, such As the MIRROR backup system pushed to limits As the MIRROR on the fakes reacts

“The MIRROR is the worst, what a journalistic principles committed to can Medium. (……) Also for ‘world’ and ‘world on Sunday’ had written to the young man (Relotius – editor’s note) , 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 articles. We take precaution from the network, and you will pass a test.

For the MIRROR is the unveiling of a shock. (……) In the MIRROR there is a Department called the documentation, and every article checked. It is something like the backbone of the news magazine. But here also, where the Verification of facts, ends, and when a Medium on its Reporter to leave, you must trust.”

“Nobody noticed the lie. Not even the so-called ‘documentation’. The MIRROR boasts of this Department, whose task it is to check every fact, which is described in the texts of the reporters, is correct. However, in the case Relotius this journalistic safety is imploding arrangement of the MIRROR.”

“His (Relotius’ – editor’s note) method, to play with the System, a nose for the Unconventional and an eye for the exact – and often banal Details, the MIRROR boasts. As evidence that its journalists are closer to the story.”
Irish Times

In the Video: – Reporter Juan Moreno about the case Relotius


“Because the possibilities for documentation. If a report of the Mexican-American border is written from any Nest, and there are people popping up that have never been mentioned elsewhere, can’t check the documentation on the basis of other publications, or other References, if all that’s true.

The people could be freely invented and you were there also. Or kids in Syria, is completely impossible to check it out. This is a very serious case that will have far-reaching consequences for journalism in General.”
“star”columnist Hans-Ulrich Jörges in the ZDF-“morning magazine”

“You know, it is estimated that there is a relationship of trust has been built up in the cooperation, and the temptation is naturally great, and perhaps necessary for a time not exactly known to ask.

For the MIRROR which is the largest credible accident. But Yes, there are other media are concerned, the ‘Neue Zürcher Zeitung’ has now started to review article, the Relotius as a freelance writer formerly there has. And it is a hallway of damage to the credibility of the media as a whole.”
journalism Professor Volker Lilienthal in the NDR

The MIRROR has set up a Commission to investigate the whole case Relotius. (More here)

The Relotius wrote articles stay, up to a extensive clarification of the allegations go unchanged, but with a note provided in the archive, which is available online to facilitate Research. We ask for information to hinweise@spiegel.de.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.