the situation is Tense in front of the state Parliament elections in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg in this autumn. The publicity has attracted the personnel Werner Patzelt in the past few days illustrates.

Because of the Dresden political scientist, to assist the CDU in the Saxon Landtag election campaign, as a Co-Chairman of the program Commission. Is to say: The 65-Year-old, has made in the past few years, a name as Pegida-demonstrator, will help write the electoral program of the Saxony-Union.

This is interpreted in Saxony as a Signal: The already conservative state Association of the CDU flashes to the right. Big the concern is that the AfD in the election on may 1. September could still be in front of the CDU as the strongest party. In the last Federal election, the AfD was 27 percent of the second votes already just in front of the Union (26.9 per cent).

Prime Minister Kretschmer includes Black-and-Blue

Patzelt, since 1994, member of the CDU, works as a political scientist at the TU Dresden. He is one of the most famous political scientists of the East, a frequent guest in TV Talks. One who talks a lot about Pegida and populism and, moreover, that the CDU would have to be more conservative.

but He is also one that occurred on a so – called “extremism conference” in the AfD in 2017, an event on which the AfD wanted to as moderate to extreme positions present. Patzelt criticized the right-wing populists. After denAusschreitungen in Chemnitz last year, he called on Angela Merkel as one of the initiators of a Petition to prove your statements “hunts” with Videos to: “Mrs. Chancellor, please substantiate your claims!”

“In Saxony opens the door for an Alliance of the CDU and the AfD,” wrote the “daily mirror” after the discovery of the new function for Patzelt. SPD-Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil called for CDU leader to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, to take a position: “That the CDU of Saxony, the program now allows the proponents of a collaboration between Union and right-wing populists of your choice to write, can not accept the Federal Chairman, if it is serious, and no coalition with the AfD wants to.”

he himself had recommended the CDU in the past, via “Bild”newspaper, to consider a coalition with the AfD at least, “in order to make the parties to the left of the CDU open to blackmail”. CDU-Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has ruled out such an Alliance.

AfD should not Demand high spoken

the political scientist Patzelt: member of the program Commission, symbolic of the approach of the CDU and the AfD in Saxony?

“That’s a pretty silly Interpretation,” says Patzelt of the MIRROR. “I have represented for years the Position that the Union must bind to the emergence of a party to the right of her.”

In his role within the CDU, he wanted to contribute to the Union voters back profits lost his party, the AfD. “So the Union is not on election day, even in the need to work with the AfD in any way to cooperate,” says Patzelt.

Is: CDU-man, the AfD does not want to talk Patzelt by coalition advances a high.

Patzelt says appearances on AfD-events

Kretschmer, in turn, defended on Friday Patzelts appeal. It was scary to see, “as someone who is so through-and-through Democrat, is now placed by some in a right corner,” said the Prime Minister, the editorial network in Germany. The idea of a black-and-blue of the collaboration, it will not give. “With these people we have nothing in common. These are people, the columns, which have no relation to the rule of law and democracy,” said Kretschmer, the right-wing populists.

Two performances at AfD-events that were already planned, Patzelt cancelled meanwhile. “I’m going to during the time in which I do not accept responsibility for the CDU, load, invitations to the AfD”, he said “”. On his Facebook page, he described the AfD as a party, the “games in the same political playing field” in the CDU. The party was a “rival”, not a “Partner”, it is important to bring on “distance”.

One must understand the reasons why people have the AfD-elected, says Patzelt, “the people will revolt against it, that one rejects you.” In his new role, he wanted to move the CDU to “listen to those again, for a long time have left selected in the CDU, but in the meantime”.

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