Friedrich Merz keeps to his Post as Chairman of the Board at Blackrock Germany. The former Chairman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag is already working since the spring of 2016 for the American Fund company, had the office in the course of its application to the CDU party chairmanship temporarily resting. At the CDU Federal party Congress at the beginning of December 2018, after all, he was narrowly defeated Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, the Angela Merkel followed as party leader.

Then Merz have agreed in a conversation with Blackrock CEO Larry Fink to work for the Americans, said in Frankfurt. Of course, this is not: Fink, was according to insiders initially very upset about Merz’ decision to stand as a candidate for the CDU presidency. The politician had informed the Blackrock-chief of late, almost simultaneously with the Public about his candidacy. As CDU party chief, he should have his Board of Directors post.

Merz further than chef

a lobbyist on the go, in the Meantime, the Anger is gone and Merz is President of the Council and chief lobbyist for the investment company on the move, created for predominantly private investors more than 6000 billion dollars, and worldwide at Thousands of companies involved.

Recently, he informed, together with the former British Chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, about 800 Blackrock customers via telephone conference on the impact of the failure of the Brexit vote in the London house; next week, he travels with a Blackrock-Delegation to Fink to the world economic forum in the Swiss Davos. At the end of January he will speak at the Mannheim-Fund Congress.

Merz to advise Kramp-karrenbauer, in the future, especially in economic and fiscal issues – a task that is compatible with its activities on behalf of Blackrock. Merz should take, however, is still an official office, such as the Federal Minister, or the Chancellor candidate of his party, he would have to put his Council post once again. Then, however, for always.

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