Well, already in the CDU occurred? Not? Why not? Have they not heard about yet? This is now a democratic party! So not only faithful to the basic law, which she always was, but now new! – really super pluralistic also in the Interior. Couldn’t everyone see, has followed the thrilling election battle for the presidency, this competition of three extraordinarily capable candidate. All of them deserve the office, as any CDU can official confirm that even in your sleep. But great: How da positions was a struggle! With open sights! A real decision on the direction!

That was it actually, what has taken place last Friday in Hamburg: a direction decision. She is now like, after a hard struggle. The CDU has changed with the scarce choice Kramp Annegret-cart-Builder irrevocably. Or should we say: the Non-election of Friedrich Merz. It has finally arrived in the present. There will be no going Back.

The hope is the Lord tab

was the return of The Friedrich Merz, a siren call of the past. She looked at the old Mr. Reiter not only in the CDU, but throughout the country, such as Viagra. Angela Merkel is loathe traditional wide-legged stool, not only because of its refugee policy, but also and especially because of their political style. Your reluctance, your refusal is any provocation, to let your denial, to provoke, to them, unbearable. On Friday, should finally come to the day of their revenge.

For reactionary, Authoritarian social relations in front of Angela Merkel are a faded place of longing: As still on the table however, was allowed to be. A Pact was a Pact that was concluded with beer and liquor. As no one in between was talking about. As the words of Power still fear einflößten and not amusement.

they seemed to have a great time long since left behind, and now the Chance was there to shape the future: according to the rules of the game of their glorious past. The eternal shadow Chancellor Wolfgang Schäuble pulled the strings in the CDU, late he sat by the “FAZ”Interview to the public the supposedly decisive blow. The “image”-newspaper, drumming, meanwhile, diligently for Merz, with which it would have been perhaps “the AfD never”, but with an “Agenda for the Hardworking” and waved. The “Handelsblatt” painted the CDU-Apocalypse on the wall, should he be elected: “Merz or destruction”. The former editor-in-chief podcastete and morning-securitised, as he’d paid for it: “Merz has to be Chancellor.” Roland Koch, the Younger ones have forgotten him a long time, had a touch of the Andean Pact, through the MIRROR to blow.

The Auto-godfather not sleeping

It didn’t work. Didn’t work out. After Annegret Kramp cart Builder’s victory in Hamburg, you could look in addition to their cheering supporters in the petrified faces of the Merz-friends. It had been actually all right, and now this. Friedrich Merz began fast and showed himself as a fair and dignified loser. Some other is not possible.

A AKK-friendly party rally Director, so the round, soon made have turned Merz the microphone volume down, so that his (actually surprisingly low) speech could not work. Kramp-Karrenbauer, myself, have concern for the runoff from the JU-chief Paul Ziemiak controlled votes – against the promise to make him Secretary-General. First Disappointed to have left the party already.

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outside the party hall was at some of the according to the Merz-noise, an unsightly hangover felt. Tasteless climax of the self-exposure was a Tweet by Franz W. Rother, a professional editor-in-chief of the “Handelsblatt”subsidiary “Edison”. On Twitter, he operates as a “godfather Handelsblatt car summit” and, just kidding, looks the same. “And again, a white, old, ugly woman”, tweeted Rother to 4.24 PM to the early hours of Saturday morning and completed the embarrassment after the deletion of its derailment later with an apology: He wanted to make a joke. And ACC requests “a good Start”.

the end of the Illusion

The spook is over. And don’t worry: The CDU is also available with a further woman at the top is still a conservative party. It was also in the last few years. Angela Merkel has created with her back holding coalition politics, rationality-dominated foreign policy to Occur, and the short summer of their Refugee use only the Illusion of political progressiveness. Her successor will want to have this risky feat hardly try.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is Catholic. She is against the repeal of section 219a. The marriage for all it considers to be a gateway for claims after the marriage of Relatives, or of plural marriage. And you want harder can deport as Horst Seehofer. AKK is probably more conservative than Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn.

The superior with the party entry, you should so good.

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