The UN climate change conference in Katowice, Poland has achieved their goal: they Unanimously decided on Saturday evening, a set of rules for the world climate Treaty. In addition, the States agreed on ways in which global warming is to be limited to 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial time. Finally, payments for climate were collected relief Fund.

In the climate Treaty, the community of States three years ago in Paris, has decided, agreed by the world to limit the warming to as 1.5 degrees. How the success could be, remained open.

concrete CO2 targets, it was not in the negotiations, which are a matter for the individual States. The decision of Katowice declared that, in General, the world community would have to reduce in accordance with the findings of climate research, CO2 emissions to slow the warming trend effectively.

Legal Coup

Although no state can be prescribed, what he has to do, all are sovereign. Nevertheless, the rule unfolds the factory, from Katowice considerable pressure.

It is a legal Coup, a great success by the delegates of all countries Created standards that are likely to spark a dynamic that hardly anyone can withdraw from a country that wants to be respected in the world community.

the trial of The rule, the plant has taken three years. Even at the beginning of the Katowice conference in early December, there was in 1908, in a document about which there was disagreement. On Saturday, the last was spread, almost 200 countries agreed.

these are the most important rules of the climate Treaty:

by 2020, States should report every two years, what measures you can take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The States need to be open, as their emissions; to develop your measurement methods must be recognized. Ab 2023 will be drawn every five years, the balance sheet, whether the efforts of the States to limit the warming effect. A UN Committee is to document how individual countries meet their self-imposed emission targets. From 2025 industrial countries, and if you want it – emerging countries should increase their financial assistance for adaptation to climate change; meticulously the payments and their effects must be documented. With the aid of protection measures against extreme weather and alternative energy projects. Damages and losses that might arise due to climate change, are addressed – of course, without the international grown-up legal compensation claims arising. On the international trade with CO2-certificates files only States may participate, as a rule, loyalty to the objectives to limit the CO2-emissions track.

As pressure, so that the countries stick to the rules? This is done by the principle of “Naming and Shaming”, i.e. the “Naming and Beschämens”: leaders of the States named in public, and for the violations denounced.

“is The principle in international agreements usually effective,” says Reimund Schwarze, Helmholtz-centre for environmental research, an experienced climate policy expert.

the new climate Treaty results in economic sanctions: Who does not behave-compliant, and may not, for example, to participate in the international trade with CO2-certificates. “The principle is, therefore, the withdrawal of the carrot as a reward, not the criminal end of the floor,” says Black.


The exit from the climate Treaty is possible, as US President, Donald Trump has announced for his country for 2020. He blocked a country, however, the right to a say in the future of the climate policy, which has, in the meantime, to all the society fields.

The seem to have the United States recognized, her impending exclusion to be in front of eyes, have negotiated the Americans in Katowice is involved. Apparently, the United States planned in the long term, to be – to said genehmeren conditions, observers in Katowice.

The negotiations in Katowice, were marked, in spite of the final success of miss tones. Skeptics-States were more open than in the past years: especially the USA and some Oil to provide a lax set of rules. Brazil delayed the conference by one day, to get special rights.

poor countries and aid organizations had fought in Katowice, especially for the recognition of the theme of “damages and losses caused by climate change”. “The theme has been upgraded, this is a success,” says Sabine Minninger of bread for the world.

probably The most important finding of Katowice is: The UN-steamer itself of the world the United States does not bring the course to the climate process continues to run – and all States do.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.