Due to clogged inner cities, the climate crisis, and the diesel driving bans, logistics companies are looking for in terms of the "last mile" for Alternatives. To go with large cargoes, small packages door-to-door door-to-door – this is not smart. However, the mini robots or drones for the future remain for the time being music. A much more concrete Alternative to the cargo bikes, not only in the case of a Large town than a car career, but also transport companies are motivate to new Thinking. UPS, DHL, and many more are currently testing the performance of the load wheels, which can replace, in the opinion of experts in the right Setting, each of a Van. Particularly promising is the development of micro-distribution centres, from which load warm wheels with pre-assembled removable containers negative and loud is regarded as emission-free customers in the vicinity to supply.

thanks to E-Bike technology is significantly more efficient

cargo bikes are not new. In the period before the second world war, they were in many large cities, even end-to-end means of transport, however, was supplanted by the automobile. In addition to a change in mentality is a decisive technical progress has fueled its Renaissance thanks to modern E-Bike-technology load wheels and their drivers are significantly more efficient than conventionally-powered counterparts. There are now over 100 kilograms of heavy cargo bikes, which are designed on more than 200 kilograms of load. Without a Motor.

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The E-Bike Revolution is also an automotive supplier. In addition to Brose and Continental, and especially Bosch for the enormous Boom that the Pedelec technology has lived for years. At the IAA, the giant in the industry, some application examples in the Segment of the load wheels. Especially the CX-drive allows heavy Bikes sovereign. And, thanks to the Dual-battery System with longer operating times are possible.

Cargo E-Bike from VW: tricycle with 210kg payload

when the commercial vehicle offshoot of the VW group is to become aware of the issue. In a world premiere, the Hanoverian show at the IAA with the Cargo E-Bike is a want to build in some points innovative and also elegantly-designed cargo bike, which VW already in 2019 in the series. It is a tricycle, in which the depth of the loading area is located between the two wheels of the front axle. The highlight: A one-off kinematics to ensure that the cargo remains even when cornering in a horizontal and stable Position. Is driven for a payload capacity of 210 kilograms, put VW Bike a 48 Volt mid-engine from Continental, which transmits its force via a toothed belt to the rear wheel. The energy provides a Lithium-ion battery.

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The cargo bike is also available with fuel cell

As an exciting Alternative to the battery electric variant of the German center for air and space travel (DLR) in front of a transport wheel with a fuel cell. In the centre of the Bremen-based company Rytle developed cargo bike Movr, the motors are not powered by batteries but by a fuel cell with energy. This offers several advantages: For extra range of the hydrogen Tank takes up less space than batteries. In addition, the energy source remains cold and heat efficient. Finally, based on the total CO2 balance, fuel cells, more climate-friendly than batteries, since the latter are produced under relatively high-energy use.

SP-X/ DLR the DLR to bring the Cargo Bike with a fuel cell to series production maturity.

Together with private and public partners, the DLR plans to the end of 2019 or in early 2020 in five European cities, including Groningen, Aberdeen and Stuttgart, attempt fleet of 10 hydrogen-cargo bikes. On the basis of the practical experience, the DLR wants to develop maturity, a complete logistics system for the market, which includes, in addition to the cargo bike with a fuel cell, the distribution centre and the hydrogen filling station. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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