Four follow – then it is a “crime scene cleaner”: After almost seven years of the NDR stops a Scot, the cult series around the of Bjarne girl played cleaning man Heiko. The decision was neither at the transmitter nor at the girl. Both would like to have made.

But screenwriter Mizzy Meyer alias Ingrid Lausund is for a “Aufhörn, when it is at its most beautiful” and stresses: “This has nothing to do with rates, fees, and salaries – that is independent of this.” The “crime scene cleaners” was showered with praise and prizes, including two Grimme prices, as well as three German Comedy awards.

“I support the decision, of course, but I have cleaned quite a few years,” says Gal. “Especially since this Format was already a gift.” As Heiko “Schotty” Scot, he came in a white protective suit on the body site, took care of the stubborn, human residues and philosophised with family members and peripheral figures on the meaning of life – Comedy as a chamber play. “I miss Schotty now,” said the actor.

Nothing would have been able to persuade, stresses the author. “My Situation was anyway very luxurious, I was Writing very freely. Of course, such a Format has a limited budget, but also do not have me restricted in my creativity in such a way that I can not write more.”

rate of success in spite of start-up difficulties

Director Arne Feldhusen, who already worked together in “Stromberg” with a girl, sees the danger of repetition. The Same was not Schottys thing, Feldhusen. “Schotty is the one who comes up short over and again. But powerful impression.”

The first four episodes had aired, the NDR television on the night of Christmas 2011, which led to the station later criticism. The series was one of the most successful productions of the NDR and its arms are, according to NDR-Spielfilmchefmchef Christian Granderath “wide open” for the case that there should be one day a development.

Last three new episodes were seen in December 2016, they reached, according to the NDR nationwide up to 940.000 viewers in the episode “Özgür”. To conclude, there are on 18. and 19. December four new editions of the half-hour stories. In the 31. and last with the title “thirty-One” Schotty according to the creators the people he knows from previous Jobs – and at the end of his own life is at stake.


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