The Sheepfold is the name of the farm-inn of my parents in the Jura, where I grew up. Originally, it was a farm, with sheep for meat, goats for milk, two pigs, a few horses. It is thus that, little, I learned to make goat cheese. Later, to diversify, my parents have created a hostel, eighty-covered and eight guest rooms. For a small village of three hundred inhabitants and just as many cows, it worked rather well. I lived there all my childhood, and I worked there every summer until my 23 years. Our parents funded our studies, my brother, my sister and me in exchange for a month of work during the holidays. We were shooting in the dining room, in the kitchen, the washing, the cleaning. We worked together like crazy, but we are having fun also, especially when my girlfriends des Beaux-Arts, worked with us. A kitchen of village elegant

My taste for cooking comes obviously from there, and also my two grandmothers, stoves, peerless. At home, we made pies, we désossait rabbits, one made sausages and black pudding. I remember that we filled the casings with blood, laurel, vinegar and rice. I’ve always loved it, the sausage. Of course, eat boiled blood, looks a bit trashy, but that I was never put off. It is a treat, especially with apples stewed. At the hostel, we dégustions a lot of local specialties, a kitchen of village elegant, like the pie in the county and walnuts. There was also the lamb of the farm and of the salt goat, that is to say, the meat of goat, or kid, reserved raw in a salting tub in sandstone with coarse salt, bay leaf, thyme. It keeps well and it can be consumed throughout the winter, making desalt, and then simmer several hours. Very often, my mother made us eggs cocotte, with butter and cream, Jura requires ! This was not at the restaurant, but just a flat for us and I loved it : it was at once simple, graphic, and deliciously comforting, in its little ramekin individual.

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For my studies, I went to pick the opposite of what I knew, and I enrolled at the Beaux-Arts of Saint-Etienne, in design : it was the key link between the customer and the brand, between the need and the aesthetics. Little by little, I began to design objects and spaces linked to the table that bring people together. Porcelain and ceramic, materials and containers, foundation and moods : finally, through the design, I went back to the food. And I kitchen always much. The first time I made egg casserole to my wife, a Portuguese national, she smiled when I learned the name of the dish, because the title seemed very sophisticated, very “couture” ! “There’s really that you the French to call an egg baked in cream “egg casserole”. “And then we had dinner… and it changed opinion : it was so good that it deserved this name chic.

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