There are two events that actually have nothing to do with each other: In one case, four drunk teenagers, asylum seekers, who had attacked on Saturday evening passers-by in the Bavarian town of Amberg. In the other case, eight went two days later in the silver star, a 50-year-old German in Bottrop and Essen several times in groups of people – the rampage travel happened, apparently from racist motives.

And yet the deeds of Amberg and Bottrop will be called in one breath and mixed – because they provide the substance for new, excited debates on migration policies and racism in Germany.

Shortly after the turn of the year, the Federal government this Wednesday sees the events forced “to condemn any kind of violence”. She promises, extremism, xenophobia and intolerance “to combat by all means of the law, uncompromisingly and relentlessly” – “no matter from which side he comes”. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the interior said, both events showed, that “there is clearly something in the wrong location, in terms of the discussion on Migration and Integration”.

The beatings of Amberg is used suddenly, as a vehicle for the dispute over the future course of the asylum policy. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer had spoken in the “image”-newspaper of “outbursts of Violence”, “we can’t tolerate” – and this with the announcement of connected, to tighten the asylum law.

This is not new plans, but a lace up legislative package with the aim to increase the number of deportations. On the draft, which provides for, among other things, an extension of the detention, had been reported to the MIRROR in the middle of December. A spokesman for the interior Ministry said on Wednesday that the draft law should go “within the next few weeks” in the departmental vote.

FDP and Green attack Seehofer

By the FDP and the Green sharp criticism of Seehofer came. Marco Buschmann, parliamentary Secretary of the FDP Bundestag group, accused the Minister of the interior ,”to be a master of the announcements and the alleged new evidence”.

Seehofer do not have any new ideas, but rather a “transposition deficit”, said Bushman, the editors ‘ network of Germany. So it was not the Minister of the interior, so far, the expansion of the list of safe countries of Origin to enforce.

Green party politician Irene Mihalic Seehofer’s, described the initiative as “unbearable”. The Minister of the terrible acts of violence from Amberg translated, “in effect seeking of proposals for the tightening of the asylum law,” said the interior expert of the Green group. The contribution to the fight against crime was “zero,” but water, “to the mill of right-wing extremists”.

Suspect “not under the influence of alcohol is irrelevant”

In Amberg had taken four suspects aged 17 to 19 years, from Syria, Afghanistan and Iran on Saturday evening abruptly at passers-by. Twelve people between the ages of 16 to 42 years, were mostly lightly injured, a 17-Year-old was admitted with a head injury in the hospital. The attackers were able to initially escape, but were detained on Saturday night. Against the accused, a warrant was issued.

The Motive is still unclear, according to investigative authorities, the alleged perpetrators were according to current knowledge, “is not insignificant under the influence of alcohol”. MIRROR-request, the public Prosecutor’s office stated that the arrested for the offence of dangerous bodily injury. A suspect must answer in addition, due to an attack and insult of a civil servant.

The Prosecutor’s office made it clear that it was not a over-hour-long, fact, as reported by some media. It had at least two incidents against 18.45 and at least two other incidents around 20.45 PM, informed the authority.

government held against semantic debates

The Federal government moved on Wednesday to the question of whether the attacks in Amberg has to be assessed as a witch hunt. Deputy government spokeswoman Fietz said it was “little sense” to result in semantic debates. On a comparison with the violence of radical Right-wing in Chemnitz you don’t want to get involved.

After the riots of Chemnitz, there had been a debate about whether one could speak of hunts against foreigners. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert had made this term, the objected, in the meantime, fiscal rigidity and the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen to the public.

The public Prosecutor’s office, according to the four Suspects from Amberg asylum seekers. Your accurate on foreigners legal Status was being reviewed. They confirmed reports that two of the refugees in Regensburg and Auerbach were reported. Two were of no fixed abode. Further Details of the authority was for the time being.

Ambergs mayor Michael Cerny (CSU) warned on Facebook not to generalize the incident. “Those idiots” – he meant the four young people had been committed to asylum seekers a disservice.

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With Material from AFP and Reuters

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