MIRROR ONLINE: Mr Sprave, why should you buy at the Christmas market something other than mulled wine?

Sprave: Because a Christmas market is always an opportunity for a special art you can touch and Look at, and not just for junk food and alcohol should offer.

MIRROR ONLINE: Where do you see the reasons for this is that the people on the Christmas markets to spend hardly any money for art?

Sprave: If you can’t sell anything, then the lies in the first line. Perhaps the fact that the time for individual arts and crafts at a Christmas market is over and no longer the spirit of the time.

MIRROR ONLINE: , you will see the reasons so only in themselves?

Sprave: There are certainly other explanations: In Cologne, for instance, we get to feel the always stringent limitations of the Luggage very strong. Foreign tourists have previously purchased bag of way, as last. There are so many Christmas markets, the tourists from one city to the next: in Dortmund to the illuminated fir-tree, in Cologne, the Dom. This is also a sensory overload.

To the Person Martin Sprave , Born in 1959, is a sculptor from stove corner, South of Dortmund. For almost three decades, he has sold to the biggest Christmas markets in the country together with his wife, Diane chalkboard hand-crafted art. Both a sculptor and a qualified Designer and now work increasingly to art in her own Atelier.

MIRROR ONLINE: What have you sold?

Sprave: self-made crafts and art objects made of ceramic or porcelain. Drolerien, classic plaster Work, jewelry, relief images – all of it.

MIRROR ONLINE: they stood with their art, almost 30 years on the largest Christmas markets in the country – for a long time in Dortmund and Cologne. Why not now?

Sprave: Because times have changed. When I started, especially in the nineties – were the basin, the markets are a collective of artisans, puppet growers and glass blowers. Also on the large Christmas markets, such as the Cologne Cathedral. The sales figures at the time, were gigantic.

MIRROR ONLINE: What is different today than in the nineties?

Sprave: Today, the Christmas market is more of an event – a bit like a company party. It will drink taken at the mulled wine stand: lots of eating, a lot. You go today to the Christmas market to enjoy yourself. To inspire not to for arts and crafts. And if it is, then, rather, in order for the online purchase the look-out to have nothing to lug around.

MIRROR ONLINE: How much have you earned at the end of less, compared with the early years?

Sprave: in The end it was maybe a third of what we earned earlier. In the weddings, there were colleagues who were able to live from a Christmas market for the whole year. With time, the customer less, but also not have fees higher and higher: artisans pay between 3000 to 8000 euros of state fees, depending on the market and the city. For us, this has had at the end just made no sense to, we could have a paper route.

MIRROR ONLINE: And all of that is not missing at all?

Sprave: no, really not. You have to imagine that working for us has often started already in October: Packing, decoration of the stands. The conclusion was often not until the middle of January. The whole day in the hut, often in bad weather, the feeds also. Today my wife and I are sitting in our warm Studio, working on our art and listen to the Podcast – it’s like a holiday.

MIRROR ONLINE: never again the Christmas market, Mr Sprave?

Sprave: I wouldn’t say That. Small, personal Art and craft markets – also for the Christmas season -which, for us, even now, is still interesting. But the places are very sought after.

MIRROR ONLINE: What do you say, how do you get artisans back to the Christmas markets?

Sprave: This is a difficult question. So many artisans are looking for ways to be able to Work outside of the network to sell. I think it would be important to show the younger Generation what can be produced artisanal everything; everything does not have to come from Asia. This, however, must change the social awareness of the value of art.

MIRROR ONLINE : Were you in this year at the Christmas market?

Sprave: no, and I’m not unhappy about it. I started in 1989, together with my wife, Diane, to sell our art on Christmas markets. Since then, every year we have four, five weeks on the markets in Germany, spent. Believe me, we are really looking forward to time on the Christmas market – neither as traders nor as a visitor.

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