The sound between Paris and Rome is rough. At the weekend, the Italian Vice-head of government: Luigi Di Maio had criticized France is sharp, and the EU partners, an alleged deepening of the refugee crisis are accused of. Now Paris has reacted and the Italian Ambassador summoned.

The French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau had Teresa Castaldo to come due to “unacceptable and unfounded Statements” by the Italian government, quoted by the news Agency AFP, a statement from Loiseaus office. The Reuters news Agency said a French Diplomat: “It is the first Time that the Italian authorities have made unacceptable and aggressive comments.”

Di Maio: France contributes to the escape from Africa

Di Maio, France accused on Sunday, to the impoverishment of Africa and, thereby, to escape from the continent. Shortly after the diplomatic reaction from Paris, the Minister reiterated his statement directly: “France is one of these countries, the money for 14 African countries, prints, their economic development, prevents and contributes to the fact that refugees leave, and in the ocean die, or on our shores arrive,” said Di Maio.

He referred to the currency CFA Franc used in 14 west and Central African countries with a fixed exchange rate to the Euro is bound. France is for the settlement with the States, is responsible and guarantees the fixed exchange rate.

dispute because of the “yellow West”

A dispute between Italy and the government of the French head of state Emmanuel Macron is already longer. The two Italian Vice-heads of government, Ministers of economy, Di Maio of the populist Five-star movement and Minister of the interior, Salvini from the xenophobic Lega Nord party, had called at the beginning of January, the “yellow West”movement in France, “to remain steadfast”. President Macron rule “against his people”, they said. The French government had demanded “respect” of the EU-partner country.

in November launched “yellow West”-protests against rising cost of living, social injustice, and, finally, Macrons policy change, in General, to the President. The Protest weekends, there were violent riots.


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