the controversial wall on the border with Mexico to enforce, considering the US President, Donald Trump, according to their own information, if necessary, to the national declare a state of emergency. So he could enforce the project against the resistance of the Democrats in the Parliament. “It may be that I exclamations a national emergency, it depends on what happens in the next few days,” Trump said in front of journalists.

at the same time, he announced that the wall had not – as previously planned – from concrete: It could be a fence made of steel, said Trump. A little later he wrote via Twitter of a “good solution”: A steel fence to be less noticeable than a concrete wall, but at the same time more stable. Trumps staff said boss Mick Mulvaney, the Move away from the concrete was a trump to the Democrats.

The spokesperson of the White house, was asked on Fox News Sunday, according to trump’s statements as to the possible imposition of a national state of emergency. Sarah Sanders said the government was considering all possible options. The President will take the concerns very seriously and will not stop until he had found the best way to make America safer.

The dispute over the construction and financing of the wall, to Mexico, to a partial Government shutdown in the United States led that lasts for about two weeks. Hundreds of thousands of government officials, because of the so-called shutdown without immediate payment or a forced vacation to compete. Museums and national parks are closed. Millions of Americans have to wait longer for tax refunds, because the IRS is concerned.

Democrats are also opposed to steel fence

Trump calls from the Democrats about 5.6 billion dollars for the construction of the border wall. “99 percent of our illegal border crossing are crossings,” he wrote on Twitter. The new democratic speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had several times declared that her party will make no money for the construction of a wall in the budget. She also refused the offer of a Stahlzauns instead of a wall (more on the role of Pelosi, you will learn in this portrait).

The Democrats have since the 3. January, the majority in the house of representatives. They had started this Sunday again a legislative initiative in the house of representatives to bring at least parts of the frozen government action. The be given any great opportunities. Trump wants no part of-agreement with no guarantees for the construction of the wall. For this strategy, he has the backing of his Republicans in the Senate, the second chamber of the Parliament.

last Friday, Trump had threatened that the Shutdown could extend to months or years.

Video: Trump threatens year-long Shutdown


Trump spoke at the Sunday in the country residence Camp David in Washington with officials of the White house. In addition to the construction of the wall, it also went to the trade dispute with China, as well as the Situation in North Korea. The acting chief of staff, Mulvaney had invited the staff to a weekend getaway.

the impact of the shutdown and be more visible: some national parks have, in the meantime, problems with garbage collection, in the mountains of the Rocky Mountains in the winter. Indigenous people complained that reserves are particularly affected, where the government was a part of the educational offer and the food of funded.


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