In the U.S. budget dispute is no agreement in sight. Now, President Donald Trump has reported a significant threat. He should continue to be denied the money for the construction of a wall, he’ll make the border with Mexico sealing, wrote Trump on Twitter.

“We will be forced to close the southern border completely, if the destructive Democrats give the money for the completion of the wall,” said Trump.

In the dispute over the US budget, the opposition Democrats Trumps reject billion-demand for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico is strictly what has to be locked already led to a budget and still authorities in a number of Federal. Hundreds of thousands of government officials in the forced leave or work without a salary.

Five billion for the wall

The so-called “Shutdown” will last well into the new year. Only a few minutes after the beginning of the Meeting had been adjourned, the Congress on Thursday next week, according to US media reported. Only a few deputies appeared after the Christmas holidays in Washington. US media now assume that, at the earliest, at the beginning of January could not be found an agreement on the budget and border security to Mexico.

Trump had refused a bill to sign, if not five billion dollars for the border wall would be provided. The Democrats reject the. In the future constellation in Congress an agreement is likely to be even more difficult. In January, the balance of forces change. The Senate remains in the hands of the Republicans. In the house of representatives, the Democrats have the majority.


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