For a few years, the mode of the after work has transformed the terraces of cafés in annexes to the office. This ritual, of getting together with colleagues around pints of cheap beers after the work day is complete, is part of these new gray areas that the company is fond of, or even encourages it. This is not really the work stricto sensu and to the full recreation, but a cocktail between the two. These aggregations ethyl more or less informal may also be the result of a group of friends who are seeking to develop a project of business with revolutionary type slipper connected.

All of these cases provide the framework for a practice in vogue : the ” drinkstorming “. Contraction of drink (” drink “) and brainstorming (” phosphorer collectively at the point of producing the equivalent of a brain storm “), the drinkstorming could be defined as a meeting disguised in a drink. Or, conversely, a beer disguised in a meeting. In one case as in the other, the alcohol will be prompted at the heart of interactions and is a major influence on the phenomenology of the debate.

Sentences final, hurlées to the wind

The first attraction of the drinkstorming is that it allows to break with the format extremely weighing of the meeting classic, where one is usually asked to chew the small chou buns in a state of semi-comatose. This absence of a binding framework, to which is added an abundance of beverage hopped, seems, in a first time, lubricate the mechanical oratories.

It was then the feeling exciting that the paper thins, and that is accessed in the ideas of genius, as if they were available at the open bar.

It is usually at this time of the drinkstorming you to be yelling of phrases definitive, perched on his certainty of self-proclaimed solutionniste-in-chief. “But this is what it must do, for heaven’s sake ! It is the…

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