Nothing human offends more than the end. Death is not more proves to him that his existence is, ultimately, value than that of a dove or a tomato. And not only the own life is finite, but also the Best in it: the love. You, ending is terrible, and who terminated you, a terrible person. Because he has not done it again, in his finitude an eternity.

almost no one congratulates a to Fail. So, at least, the Federal office of the President, the only rewards wedding anniversaries of 65, 70 or 80 years. To my completely wrong, Ewert and the journalists Heike Blümner and Laura. You have written the book “enough is enough”, the stock takes: How is the Image of separations in Germany?

you put out: bad, particularly for women. As for the divorce or separation means in many cases, the greater financial loss. In the book the study is quoted “in the Midst of life” by 2016, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, senior citizens, and women: 19 percent of married thirty to fifty year old women not have its own salary earned. And 63 percent of them earned 1000 Euro net per month. It Figures that even remember are: The Private, it really is not there, it is always political. Who takes care of his family, primarily to children and the household, is caught up in his family.

author Blümner, Ewert

the woman carrying the larger image of the damage. An abandoned wife harvest pity and malice, write Blümner, and Ewert. And if you have no luck, get it as a Single on the net a few penis pictures above.

their theses under the author’s feed on the inside with quotes from newspaper articles, studies, as well as his own Interviews with couple therapists. Between the loosely written theory, you mount the anonymised stories.

get the hell out of Why women as a Single society of poor, is only hinted at. It must have to do with the limited reproducibility of the woman. “You will find so quickly no more husband, you children can get”, to consider childless women over thirty, if they thought about ending their relationship. The freshly separated man, however, as an example, the Journalist Michalis Pantelorius, author of the Single-column “dear future favorite will be called woman” – was more than sought-after party subject. Is that really so? Or a Narrative from women’s magazines? And how much of this Narrative is true?

DISPLAY Laura Ewert, Heike Blümner:

From the freedom to separate

Hans blue; 224 pages; 15.00 Euro

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A Chapter is devoted to how separations in the tabloid media. After high periods of separation were there, the subject, the guarantee of the biggest sell-off. The man gloats at the misfortune of Others. Now tabloid media are not a mirror of society, more of a caricature, an appeal to our basest instincts. As a consolation, perhaps, to the actress Jennifer Aniston, who was presented by the stale of separation from Brad Pitt is still as “the poor horned Ex”. In contrast, extremely positive, the separation of Lady Dis of Prince Charles was perceived, because they oppose the Resolution against the conventions and a commitment to true love symbolizing.

In the last Chapter of the book, the author, a go in on this aspect more: separations are not a Symptom of the increasing separation, but showed on the contrary that the human being longed for true connection and quality of life. Because he has not recognized that the duration is not a value in itself, especially if it is a pure stamina.

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“If the question of ‘Go or Stay?’ takes more time than the planning for the next holiday”, one had to go, so the Merkspruch, the Ewert and Blümner is to offer the separation of interested readers, even if it is depressed in the chapters before, quite humorous: image damage! Financial Reduction!

At this point, would have been more detail, well, with more drive to go from the book. But “Now” is not an appeal for the bedside table, such as Thomas Meyers “Separates you!” but an inventory.

Up to the year 2011, you will learn about as there was in Malta is no possibility of divorce. You will be amazed, but in the end, for sure: anyone Who separates, who should be congratulated. Because he takes responsibility for his own life and for that of another.

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