DFB-PK Nations-League game in FrankreichLöw announces changes to the Bankruptcy in the Netherlands (16.52 PM)Federal coach criticises a lack of self-confidence (16.50 hours), and New replies to Matthew-criticism (16.37 PM)

17.01 PM: finally, he is asked about his sleep. The Federal coach: "I was in the last days a bit flu sick, had A sore throat. Therefore, I’m not sleeping so well – with the pressure this has to do nothing."

16.57 PM: Are the changes more tactically or in terms of personnel? "I meant it in both respects. Tactically we need to improve a lot of things. We were in the final phase of the counter-susceptible. In General, our automatisms are not come to attack, as I have wished. It will be after such a defeat changes of personnel. New will not make it – Manuel will also be tomorrow in the gate."

DFB President Grindel Löw had the trust of

16.54 PM: Löw has spoken after the defeat with Reinhard Grindel. This is not the most important thing, says the national coach. "It is clear that there is now massive criticism. But as a coach, I must hide, because my main task of the game is tomorrow. The DFB President has given me the vote of confidence, I think it’s good. Criticism must accept, and I can deal with that too well." DFB and Joachim Löw at a press conference in Paris

16.52 PM: Suggests Löw here new players for the starting XI? "For the game against the world champion, there needs to be changes."

Löw: "The defeat was, to be honest, not totally unexpected"

16.50 PM: "The defeat was painful, too, for all the Fans in Germany. The defeat was to be quite honest not totally unexpected. We are in a process, where we also deal with setbacks. With the team I spoke yesterday about some of the scenes from the game. We currently do not have the right self-confidence to do some of the automation implemented in the game correctly."

16.49 clock: Joachim Loew, Manuel Neuer replaced on the Podium.

16.48 PM: What happened in the last three days, so that it runs against France better? "We know the Situation and know the seriousness of the situation. The Details that we have failed to deal with the coach of the team, we don’t want to wear, of course, to the outside. France is not a bad team, we know that. We have a good collaboration: see, the table discussions and in Training."

16.45: New is asked about the different reactions of the German players after the 0:3 defeat. "I don’t know if the someone belittles. At the end of it 3:0. The us is aware of, and, we hope, of course. We were not able to reward us for the effort in the first half. We have shown in the last minutes is really not a compact defensive performance more, also because the Motivation was huge to turn the game around late. We dissolve ourselves in the back – because we need to learn better from our past mistakes." DFB Manuel Neuer on the DFB press conference in Paris

16.39 at: Because of New not mentioned in his response at all to Matthew, asks the Journalist again. New: "Everyone must consider what he says. Matthew has made 150 appearances, record national team player. I have now given the answer to that, as it is to my Person."

New the Matthew-criticism

16.37 PM: New is asked, according to Matthew’s criticism of his Person. Matthew has recently webs public ter as a new German number 1. New: "a scene, which led to 1:0, from saw, of course, unhappy. But that was a right shot to the flank, a difficult Situation. Some people have also said that the Ball was previously in. Otherwise, I am with my performance in the game pleased."

New: "I have no more problems with my feet. Otherwise you would have let me coach the team not to play in the world Cup. Lately it’s been simply that the situations were missing, in which I can Excel. Everyone knows me for my position in the game. I’m also at Bayern Munich currently on a good Level."

at 16.36: Manuel Neuer speaks about the opponents: "We have already played in Munich against France. It was a decent game that we can win with a bit of luck, also had. Our Motivation for the game tomorrow is very high. We want the three points. France is the world champion, but we had the first leg in Munich a good chance."

16.34 clock: The DFB’s press Secretary apologized for the delay due to the Parisian traffic.

at 16:33: New enters the Podium.

16.28 PM: Joachim Löw, and Manuel Neuer continues to wait. The press conference was scheduled for 16.15 hrs.

16.23 PM: in the Meantime, has delayed the start of the press conference is already around eight minutes. Prior to the critical questions of the journalists not pressing the DFB.

16.17 PM: The national team is just arrived with the team coach in front of the Hotel in Paris. It will go well with a slight delay.

16.15 PM: ready to go'! In Paris, Germany coach Löw and captain of the New over the Nations-League-game against France.

15: 15-So slow it will be tight for Germany coach Joachim Löw. After the rough 0:3-swatter in the Netherlands has remained of the much-talked-reboot, little to be desired. Against the world champion from France, the DFB-Eleven is now playing not only against the descent from the Nations League Division A, but also to the future of the Coach. Lose been banned, so tomorrow in Paris.

Also, captain Manuel Neuer, after his blunder in Amsterdam is strong in the criticism. Within the team, even the call for a change at the goalkeeper position, according to become.

Both are allowed to do so on some of the thorny issues in focus. At 16.15 is going on here in the Live Ticker with Joachim Löw and Manuel Neuer.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Matthew exchange in the Tor calls for a national player for ter Stegen? msb

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