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How it goes with the Brexit, after Theresa Mays, only just emerges from censure? The British conservative head of government wants to get at the EU summit in Brussels is now “legal and political re-insurance”, in order to convince the house of Commons but from the already negotiated Deal. Specifically, it May, as a guarantee for an open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland – called the Backstop.

If may can still negotiate further concessions is debatable. The EU has signalled, however, in very narrow limits and without amendment to the contract. In one of the news Agency Reuters draft for a Declaration, is made possible by a commitment that the Backstop is only an insurance policy, his application will not be sought. Changes or renegotiations of the Brexit agreement will not give it.

Maas: there’s No room for Changes to the Brexit Treaty

German foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in Germany radio, the Text is a decision, not a negotiation basis. The same is true for the controversial emergency solution to the border issue between Ireland and Northern Ireland. At the same time, the SPD-politician relieved that May have survived the vote in their party. Thus at least the total Chaos “in terms of Brexit had been averted for the Moment,” and give it the Chance to reach a majority in favour of the Brexit Treaty in the British Parliament.

May had received the votes of 200 of 317 conservatives in the house of Commons. You can make as party leader and Prime Minister, however, significantly more MPs voted against it, as expected.

The EU summit on Thursday in Brussels deals with the British withdrawal plans. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the other heads of state and government want to contribute to the ready-to-EU-exit the Treaty, a majority in the British Parliament, and a messy separation at the end of March is to be avoided. How this should be done without renegotiations, however, is open.

graphics for Brexit Deal of the negotiations, So it goes in the Brexit Poker

Meanwhile, grows after the vote to continue the pressure on May. The conservative backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “you must urgently go to the Queen and resign.” The Northern Irish DUP, on the Mays minority government and the Opposition announced further opposition to the Prime Minister. Head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn relies on elections.


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