the UK could lead to Brexit-the request from the point of view of the relevant expert at the European court of justice (ECJ) without the consent of the other EU States. The exit procedure would be stopped, said advocate-General, Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona. This possibility exists up to the conclusion of a withdrawal agreement.

Sánchez-Bordona proposed to the court, later in his judgment noted that article 50 of the Treaty on European Union allows. The article provides for the withdrawal from the EU. When a decision is made, initially remained unclear. The ECJ follows the recommendations of the experts, but for the most part.

The EU Commission and the Council of the member countries had to be represented before the ECJ is of the opinion that the procedure, let only with a unanimous decision of the Council to stop. The ECJ advocate-General sees it differently. It includes, among other things, of the Vienna Convention on the law of treaties, according to which the notification could be taken on the resignation of an international Treaty at any time. But also from article 50 of the leave. Because there is talk of it, is that an EU state “must notify its intention” to exit. Such an intention could change.

However, the report called certain conditions. As the intention to withdraw, the withdrawal would have to be the rest of the EU formally notified. And the UK would have to comply with its constitutional requirements. Since the Parliament had to agree before the government sent the withdrawal letter to Brussels, should be the logical way for the redemption, argues Campos Sánchez-Bordona.

The Supreme Scottish civil court had asked the European court of justice for a review. The UK had announced in March 2017 officially its intention to withdraw from the European Union. Thus, a two-year procedure referred to in article 50 of the EU treaties, the regular with the Brexit on the 29. March 2019 ends.

The British Parliament discussed on Tuesday afternoon and again on the Brexit-agreement, the Prime Minister, Theresa May with the EU has negotiated. It is completely open whether in the end a majority of deputies will vote for it. If not, threatens to exit without a contract, with serious consequences for the economy. Some British politicians are calling for a second Referendum on the withdrawal.

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