Their reconciliation will not matter. Marine Le Pen announced this Friday at the antenna of Europe 1 that his father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, would not appear on the list of the RN (ex-FN) for the european elections in may 2019, despite the wish of the patriarch. “I have a beautiful consistency, we can consider it as a defect, we can consider this as a quality : I have said that I do not have a policy with Jean-Marie Le Pen,” said the president of the RN.

last week, the co-founder of the FN, which has been excluded in 2015, announced wish to be included on the list of the RN in the european elections and suggested that it would be led by one of his relatives, the mep Bruno Gollnisch. “Age does not count and it should be all the same as pensioners, the former (…) to be represented, and not necessarily by young people”, said the head of the FN for almost 40 years. It also was before the “theft” of which it is said to be the object “of the european Parliament”, in which he requested the reimbursement of 320 000 euros in the case of parliamentary assistants alleged fictitious.

“Another thing,” at 90 years of age

The wish of Jean-Marie Le Pen had initially suffered a no-go Wednesday by the member of parliament and member of the executive bureau of the RN Louis Aliot. “I think that at 90 years of age, you have other things to do than go stand in a european election”, was considered the elect of the eastern Pyrenees on Radio Classique. “They have made five mandates of mp each, at a given time he should also know to leave his place,” he added about Jean-Marie Le Pen and Bruno Gollnisch.

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And regardless of the improved relationship between the father and the daughter. The “reconciliation policy” between Jean-Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen is to be distinguished from “political affairs”, had settled the assistant of the president of the RN. Louis Aliot wishes to conduct itself the list of the far-right party in the european elections.

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