in August 2017, by the French PSA group acquired company sees the former owners General Motors in the liability for any tampering with the exhaust gas purification. The responsibility of the Americans under their Aegis developed vehicles had been agreed in the contract of sale, said in a company statement.

Opel denies allegations

Opel continues to deny to have the illegal defeat devices for the cleaning of exhaust gases of older Euro-6 diesel engines built-in. Appropriate investigations, following a complaint by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), the public Prosecutor of Frankfurt, on Monday, Company search, in order to secure evidence.

The Federal transport Ministry had announced on the same day, an official recall in Europe, around 100,000 cars of types, Insignia, Cascada and Zafira. The manufacturer rejects allegations that he had abducted the recall. In a message, it says: "Opel has launched voluntary Service Updates, for the Diesel models, Zafira Tourer, Cascada, and the previous generation of the Insignia model years 2013-2016 between February 2017 and April 2018. The company has established the implementation rapidly implement. An earlier start was not possible because the required approval had not been granted by the KBA before." were Affected, therefore, approximately 31.200 vehicles in Germany. "More than 22,000 were converted from Opel in the framework of the voluntary service action, so that there are less than 9,200 vehicles of today, the Ministry announced the recall would be affected", Opel. GM’s Chevrolet Cruze in 2017 as a Diesel model.

Diesel-amounted to Chevrolet?

Controversial: The diesel engines, the former GM subsidiary Opel was also found in the United States – in the case of Chevrolet models. In the case of measurements of the KBA, the Chevrolet Cruze (a sister model of the Opel Astra) to fell, especially with the Euro 5 emission standard – he was in the real traffic in 1864 micrograms, about ten-fold above the laboratory limit. The current Cruze model is to get in the USA with a diesel engine.

USA: Own the manufacturer is not in focus

In Europe, the Chevrolet brand has withdrawn some years ago, on the other hand completely out of the market. In the United States, in the context of the exhaust gas scandal investigation against Fiat-Chrysler due to exhaust tampering in the case of Pickups, the RAM brand and Jeep models – but not against the country’s largest automobile manufacturer, General Motors.

Diesel-Insider: Why the exhaust scandal, all the manufacturers related to FOCUS Online Global the exhaust-scandal: Insider grabs: There was the clean-Diesel – and that’s why you wanted to dpa it is not sv/EN Opel

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