The AfD in the Bundestag has failed at the Federal constitutional court with their lawsuit against the refugee policy of the Chancellor in all respects. The judges of the Second Senate rejected all three amendments unanimously as inadmissible. The court announced on Tuesday.

The AfD group wanted to leave, especially Angela Merkel’s (CDU) a decision by the beginning of September 2015 check the border from Austria to Germany for refugees to keep them open and people do not reject. The deputies were not able to explain the decision of the constitutional court judges, but sufficiently, that you have violated these decisions are in their Right hand, or in immediate danger, especially since the AfD was sitting at the time, even in the Bundestag.

The in a so-called organstreit proceedings provided AfD-applications aimed to commit the Federal government of an action, and “true objective law”. This was according to the settled case-law in this proceeding is inadmissible. Organstreit proceedings aimed at the clarification of jurisdiction and not served “the control of the objective constitutionality of a particular organ in action”.

The AfD group represented in their complaints, among other things, the Position that the government had violated by their decision to acquiesce in the entry of refugees in certain cases, the participation rights of the Bundestag.


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