With cuts to discipline the Jobcenter Hartz-IV-recipients: Who is not cooperating, you’ll get less money. The people in work – or unconstitutional in Existenznot?

Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil has defended the sanctions against Hartz IV recipients, job offers, exclusive or promotional measures to refuse, in front of the Federal constitutional court. “The social state must have a means of reasonable cooperation is also binding on demand,” said the SPD politician on Tuesday for the Negotiation kick-off in Karlsruhe. Also power cuts were from the point of view of the Federal government.

According to the principle of “supporting and Demanding”, you can swipe to Promote the Jobcenter Hartz IV recipients that do not comply with their obligations, the government grants. In the case of misconduct, the go about a missed appointment, in addition to threatens to the three-month reduction of benefits of 30 percent of the so-called rule-set. Who stands out within a year, several times negative, losing 60 percent or even the whole of the unemployment benefits, as well as the reimbursement of the costs for accommodation and heating.

The social court in the Thuringian town of Gotha thinks it’s unconstitutional and has been subjected to a process to make the regulations in Karlsruhe, check. In the case of a work had to do wireless with 234,60 euros less, because he refused a Job offer and a work Trial was denied. The verdict of the constitutional judges is expected in a few months.

The lawyer of the plaintiff, Susanne Böhme, was critical of the fact that the sanctions had the desired effect. Resignation and existential anxiety would preclude the placement. The rigid period of three months is demotivating – it is not pay to change his behavior. The penalty is standing in the foreground.

reason to backup What is on Hartz IV really

should be abolished, The new Vice-President of the court, Stephan Harbarth stressed that the Senate was aware that the issue for many people in difficult life situations was very important and basic needs concerns. “We take this seriously.” At the same time, he dampened high expectations. It does not go to the question of whether social services are a system of Sanctions is politically expedient, and not to the demand for an unconditional basic income.

14 years after the amalgamation of unemployment assistance and social assistance to Hartz IV, the Federal Minister of labour, the healing is currently in Berlin for a Reform of the sanctions. As a representative of the Federal government, he does not think that the duty to cooperate for the Constitution, he said in a recess in front of journalists. This does not exclude, however, that one or the other Element to develop politically. Healing wants to abolish, among other things, the particularly sharp penalties for young people under 25 years of age. In the Grand coalition that has, for the Moment, but no Chance, because the Union would not support such a Change.

Objected to Karlsruhe, the sanctions would force the Changes. The judge commented several times that they are associations in the System to take the unanimous criticism of all the included social very seriously.

The Chairman of the Board of the Federal employment Agency, Detlef Scheele, pointed out that the sanctions will not have a Hartz-IV-receiver broke off guard. To will start talking in conversation for the “integration agreement” also on the obligations.

The President of the German social court tags, Monika Paulat, criticised the fact that the job centres have no possibility to reduce sanctions, or to lift and to respond in individual cases in a flexible way. The total circumstances would be analyzed in the proceedings before the social courts, but not each of them had to sue the force. Before the courts according to the Federal Agency for labour in 2016, have been repealed in 38 per cent of the cases the sanctions.


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