The war between Iran and Israel on Syrian soil, is also in the year 2019 unabated. The events of the past 24 hours show: First, Iranian fighters from Syria fired presumably a rocket on the Israeli-occupied Golan heights. The missile was intercepted. Then bombed by Israeli fighter jets ten targets in Syria – the findings of the Iranian revolutionary guards and the Syrian air defenses.

The parade of the Islamic Republic in Syria is no longer a secret and does not concern only Israel: in Europe, evaluates the Burying of the Iranians in Syria as an obstacle to a lasting peace in the civil war country.

are the activities of the Iranian regime in Europe for a long time, largely unnoticed. In 2018, in which the EU desperately tried to are, of all things, in the months since may, to save the US President Donald Trump the unilaterally-announced nuclear deal with Tehran, several hostile actions of the Iranian intelligence in Europe have been revealed. The talk is of political murders, stop trying to Reasons.


at the end of June 2018 thwarted investigators in France, Belgium and Germany, according to its own estimates, a stop on an event of the Iranian Opposition in the vicinity of Paris. Police officers in Brussels, stopped at the time, two Belgians with Iranian roots. In your car, about 500 grams of highly explosive explosives TATP and an igniter were found. Explosives and detonators shall be of the in Austria, accredited Iranian diplomats Assadollah A. has been handed in. German investigators took him at 1. July on a highway fixed grid in the case of Aschaffenburg, in the meantime, he was extradited to Belgium. According to the office of the attorney General A. for 2014 as a third-party Counsellor at the Iranian Embassy in Vienna is accredited. He had worked for the Iranian communication Ministry, MOIS, the opposition groups at home and abroad ausforsche and fight – all, the “people’s Mujahedeen”, the Meeting in Villepinte, near Paris, in June 2018, apparently the target of an attack. (Here you can read more about the “people’s Mujahedeen”.) At the end of September 2018 Danish investigators with a large-scale police action, large parts of their own country for hours is lame. Four weeks later, the Danish domestic revealed PET the secret service that they had thwarted that day, a stop of the Iranian secret service in Denmark. A Norwegians with Iranian roots should be planned in the order of Tehran an assassination attempt against in Scandinavia living members of the Iranian opposition group ASMLA. The ASMLA struggling with attacks in Iran for a state of their own, the Arab minority in the oil-rich province of Chusestan. The Iranian government considers them as a terrorist group.

access to the Öresund bridge 2018

at the beginning of January 2019, the Dutch government revealed that Iran’s military to the secret service for two murders of Iranians in exile in the years 2015 and 2017 responsible. 2015 Mohammad Reza Kolahi Samadi was killed in the daytime on the street, in the city of Almere by head shots. The Iranian judiciary had sentenced him to death in absentia, because he is supposed to have committed in 1981, a bomb attack in Tehran in which 73 people were killed, including Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, then the second man in the state. 2017 Ahmad Molla Nissi was shot only a few streets from the Dutch Ministry of foreign Affairs in The Hague. Molla Nissi had founded the ASMLA the end of the nineties. In the past week, officials of the Federal criminal police office arrested a German army staff, to have more than nine years of highly-sensitive information to the MOIS betrayed. A native of the Afghan Abdul-Hamid S. worked for the army as a decoder and the regional scientific Advisor. For the Iranian secret service, he should have already been working for several years. The 50-Year-old had access to sensitive information, such as the use of force in Afghanistan, but maybe also to other areas of interest for the German security authorities. Already in April of 2018, it was reported that hackers had attacked from Iran to worldwide universities and companies. They have stolen from at least 23 German universities, a number of documents, including unpublished research results, dissertations and conference reports. The attorney General has initiated a criminal investigation on suspicion of “intelligence activity”. The attacks appear to be up to the Tehran Mabna Institute. In German security circles, the Institute is regarded as a front company for the Iranian revolutionary guards.

The activities of the Iranian regime to bring the European governments in expository. Because they want to hold on to the nuclear deal with Iran. The EU considers the agreement as an important Instrument to stabilize the Middle East and to prevent a war with Tehran.

praise from Washington for German sanction policy

at the same time to try Europe’s governments on the murders and Attack in their countries by diplomatic means to respond. The result is a contradictory policy:

is imposed by the EU in January because of the assassination attempts to impose new sanctions against Tehran. The Federal government has now even called for a ban on Iranian airline Mahan Air, because Berlin and suspects that the Iranian secret service uses the Airline for his purposes in Europe. At the same time, Brussels continues to work on plans with the U.S. sanctions against Iran intended to avoid. banish

For the decision, Mahan Air from German airports, the Federal government rare praise from the United States: US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo welcomed the step and called on other countries, it is Germany to do the same.

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