imagine a car drivers, maintains a sporty driving style, how it is like to euphemistically: At the traffic light and the man makes preferably a Kickstart, on the highway, he drives with a light, horn seal on the front of the man. The horn is his favorite Instrument – to the world also.

This driver is now purified at once, far more: He wants to abolish the car and on a bike require. The environment, the noise, the cost, he reasons, and if he need a vehicle, then do it in the big city, the car sharing, because share together is better than alone.

How observers react to the changed traffic hooligan? You can congratulate him on his late inspection. You can doubt him but also, and him tactical motifs. For example, that he will continue to be mainly Ego-care, only with your elbow out the window, but with überdick applied sense of mission.

About the way it behaves currently with the politician Markus Söder: Both interpretations could be true. Söder is still not long enough on his new bike.

“unity and peace”

The Bavarian Prime Minister and future CSU Chairman sermon currently, harmony and moderation. The rings with Horst Seehofer, the dominant in the CSU? Everything is amicably resolved. Armed to the death with the CDU to the refugee policy? Long forgotten.

“Our party wants after a tough election-year unity, and peace of mind,” said Söder in the MIRROR-call. To the CDU: “the Old dispute, we do not want to revive.” And to the new task: “I have put myself in the service of the party.” It sounds like mother Teresa and the late Johannes Rau would speak of a policy’s lips.

Söder is now undisputedly the most powerful leader of the CSU politician. Today, Monday, Horst Seehofer suggested, of all things, the CSU party Executive of the old rivals as the successor. Söder Seehofer is on a special party Congress on 19. January and to succeed as party Chairman. “I am now for over ten years in office, that’s enough,” said Seehofer.

“The sense of history wafting through the party Executive Board room”, the Secretary-General Markus Blume describes the mood during the internal Handover. The party Executive agreed to the nomination, Söders election to the Congress, it is only a matter of form.

Söder returned the favor in return with kindness in the predecessor: “He is one of the Great figures of the CSU, the CSU history,” he said about Seehofer. The Transition was made with style, in a “surely turbulent time”.

AKK speaks at the CSU party Congress

promised to be the most important thing to do politically, “territorial gains”, Söder, and named as the currency in which it will be measured: measurable success, percentage points in the elections. According to Seehofer’s retreat Söder is responsible for the results. What Söder said: He needs to be in the state and country probably for a long time, no elections, in the European elections, the leading candidate, Manfred Weber, is in the spotlight.

Other important points of reference for the CSU 2019: The new CDU party Chairman Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, will speak a word of greeting to the CSU special Congress of the party. The European elections will create a common election program of the CDU. Secretary-General flower heads a Commission to Reform his party. From the middle of the year, Söder will take over the chairmanship of the Prime Ministers ‘ conference. By the end of 2019 finally, the entire CSU will be elected party Executive.

Until then, it will probably become clear whether there Söder succeeds to build up credibility. A capital that brings his future sparring partner AKK in to a greater extent. That Söder is transformed back into a rough diamond, however, is unlikely. His time as CSU General Secretary, long, in between, he held a pragmatic several Ministerial posts. How capable of learning, he was, on Söder itself.

But it was in Söder, who exclaimed in the summer, “the final of credibility” with the CDU. With his cross let the Prime Minister brought a part of the churches, now he wants to find Again the conversation with the confessions.

Whether the strategy is caught? A concern Söder’s going on at least for the time being. There will be “no smartass submissions,” announced predecessor Seehofer.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.