in The beginning, there is applause. Huge applause and cheers branden, Halil Ibrahim K., Can Cihan, N., and Loic. s. are led into the courtroom. The defendant’s rays over the whole face. You greet your friends in the auditorium and the heart of their families, which may take place. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and even aunt and uncle are. The presiding judge allows it to happen.

not if it Was up to judge Anne Meyer-Goering, were the two young men from the area of Frankfurt and the young Frenchman already in custody, but as well as the two co-defendants Roni S. and Khashajar H. long. The judge saw no danger of escape, but the Prosecutor intervened and the court of appeal ruled against the freedom of the three.

The confrontation, before this Tuesday in the regional court of Hamburg of the G20 process to the wreck on the Elbe river has started.

On the Morning of the 7. July 2017 burned on Hamburg’s fine Elbchaussee the cars. Firecrackers exploded, panes were broken. About an hour long Hooded went rampaging through the streets. Back to the charred car remained wrecks, broken wheels and shocked local residents. An Internet video shows a Masked spray-an a of a house wall and a circle around it painted – the sign for anarchy. The police seems to be on that Friday morning, far away.

It is a damage balance is, obliges, the state’s attorney Tim Paschkowsky to the beginning of the hearing. Car for the car he lists in the indictment, Charging for Download. He calls the number of slices, which were, among other things, a pharmacy, several bakeries, doctor’s offices, law firms, real estate brokers offices, and also at Ikea. House facades pelted with paint bombs and exploding firecrackers damaged. He mentions also a port-o-potty, which was melted in the flames.

The state’s attorney puts every single damage, even call 815 Euro, 3108 Euro, 20.700 Euro. After a good half hour, he arrived at a total sum of one Million Euro, at least.

The indictment accuses the five men at the age from 18 to 24 years, among other things, severe breach of peace, arson, dangerous bodily injury, and violation of the arms act. Up to ten years in prison if convicted.

helper? Accomplice?

the four young Hesse in the riots, actively involved, can you provide evidence of the Prosecutor’s office. But you think that the presence sufficient for a conviction as an accomplice. The judge will later point out that it could be only mental – of the aid.

According to the indictment, the masked group of about 220 participants have made the joint decision to commit crimes, and “to spread fear and terror”. Who have not rioted, intimidated passers-by, and the violence of the other. The defendant, a Frenchman, supposed to have thrown a firecracker into a house entrance and in the evening elsewhere, police officers with rocks and bottles have attacked.

rally in front of the Hamburg district court

It was not that Morning in the case of damage to property. Eight people were injured. A bus driver was his bus and his passengers in the path of the Masked, has been traumatized, says the Prosecutor. It’s a cell phone video out there of this Situation, which is circulating on the Internet. The bus driver had to be treated for several months in a clinic. He still had not recovered from the psychological effects completely.

The defenders respond with long explanations on the indictment. The Prosecutor’s office a “conviction at any price,” says the defender, Lukas Theune. In the case of his client, Loic S., in excess of the Hamburg police even their skills and investigate multiple times without authorisation in France.

Videos from surveillance cameras

defense lawyer Gabriele Heinecke says that if the accused had ever been on the Elbchaussee in her demonstration to exercise the right. Heinecke is representing the 18-year-old Roni S. Outside of the room, she says: “That we hold because of a one in a million-damage to property co-responsible for, is absurd.” It would have been the duty of the police to allow, at the latest, after the first emergency call a peaceful Demonstration, which it had not done so. “Our clients have done nothing, except their right to demonstrate, to exercise,” says Heinecke, and adds: “If you have been there.”

The charge is mainly based on Videos of surveillance cameras. It means that the images leave room for interpretation, what exactly is in it. You will still play a large role in court. And also in this case, the opinions go apart.

state attorney Paschkowsky want to leave the Levy of the defense on this day is not easy. “The fact has to do with the freedom of Assembly as much as the HSV with the Champions League,” he says, “which is nothing. The Only thing that was demonstrated here, were violence and destruction.”

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