Only last week, the SPD had an Overcoming of Hartz IV. Now the Greens about how the unpopular basic social security, which was originally introduced by the red-green government under Gerhard Schröder, is new.

In an internal strategy paper, which is available ONLINE, writes of the Green-Chairman Robert Habeck: In the coming years you will experience a highly dynamic changing world of work, that’s why the “warranty needs to be renewed promise of the welfare state”. The paper is to sketch a way, “how do we get Hartz-IV-System behind us”.

Habeck wants to replace the previous basic security through a new guarantee system. This is to rely on incentives instead of punishment, a living wage and extra money, make it more attractive. The assets are to be raised, and all of existence benefits are bundled.

Differently in the various models of unconditional basic income, which are currently discussed in different parties, to be paid out by Habeck proposed guarantee system, however, only to people who need it. “There is a request and the means must be demonstrated,” reads the paper. At the same time but forced to work should be omitted.

No penalties

by Habeck target System, there should be therefore no sanctions for people with the job centers. The participation in counselling and training should be voluntary. That people take advantage of these offers, nevertheless, should be achieved through a System of incentives and rewards.

The current Hartz-IV rate is set to increase, according Habeck. A certain height, he doesn’t call. You need a clear, understandable and simple method for the calculation of the socio-cultural subsistence level, ‘ the paper rather. This will then lead to an increase in the previous sentence.

the co-existence of competing social benefits, wants to end Habeck. Unemployment benefit II, social assistance, housing allowances and student loans should be in the new warranty backup is transferred. In this way, you can offer the help from a single source and cost of bureaucracy.

The warranty backup is to be paid in addition by an independent authority and not by the job centres, so that they could concentrate more on their actual task, namely the conciliation of work.

to Increase.

Habecks ideas worth to people who have to claim on the warranty backup, more of your assets may be retained than before Only when someone possess more than 100,000 euros, should be on the state benefits deducted. Funded pension savings and owner-occupied Residential properties should remain exempt.

If anyone deserves in addition to the social benefits money, he should be allowed a minimum of 30 percent keep. Today would be credited against it, depending on the income level of 80, 90 or even 100 percent of the self-earned money on Hartz IV, writes Habeck. This meant that a family of four in a 1500 euros gross earning and the addition of matched refer to social services, only 330 Euro more as if no one would work in the family. After Habeck model, it would be against 520 euros more, is it in the paper.

Habeck reckons that in his System the warranty backup four million households would have more to claim on a warranty backup as of today, the Hartz-IV-services. It will be more beneficiary of the Warranty protection, but less poverty, writes Habeck. The cost, he estimates, depending on the configuration of the model to about 30 billion euros in the year. “The funding must be from a fairer distribution of the wealth gains in this country”, – stated in the paper.

His proposals, wants to make Habeck in the framework of the policy process in the party to the debate. This is expected to be completed by 2020.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.