The International criminal court has ordered the release of former President of ivory coast, Laurent Gbagbo, subject to conditions. The court said in The Hague. Wherein the pads are not shared with the judge first.

The 73-year-old Ex-President had not yet been before the end of the process to be acquitted. In the opinion of the judge the evidence of the prosecution for the crime was not sufficient against humanity for a conviction.

After the presidential election of 2010, Gbagbo had not recognized his defeat. In the following wave of violence, about 3000 people were killed. The process against Gbago had begun in 2016. Since 2011, he is in custody.

Before Gbagbo, as well as the also free-spoken former youth Minister, Charles Blé Goudé were allowed to actually leave the prison, should be a country that both will hold up to the opening of the appeal proceedings.

The prosecution had demanded that Gbagbo should not be allowed to for the time being, return to his home. They feared that the 73-Year-old will not appear in the case of a possible appeal against the acquittal.


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