Tatjana writes:

“We live in a five-a WG in a beautiful old apartment in a student city. Three of my roommates are all my age, early to mid 20, and study. The Fifth lives since 1997, and is now in his mid-50s. She works through the day, but as soon as it is in the afternoon at home, she starts to drink and is usually around 20 o’clock already completely gone.

she smokes, now only in her room, but she often forgets to close the door properly or to open the window. We have now fear, you with your cigarettes the apartment on fire.

The rest of the roommates, including me, are all non-Smoking, and also according to the lease agreement Smoking is prohibited. Nevertheless, the entire apartment smells when she is not there. In front of a small renovation, the hallway was the ceiling in front of your room completely black.

You have shared sorrow? Silja Götz living communities are great, the only thing Annoying are the roommate. Empty your Nutella glass , have loud Sex and louder music systems. Or crying in your room is neighboring all the time and depressed? are you Yelling at all? In the case of WG-grief , an education researcher Sabine Stiehler helps. Send us your questions, Concerns, problems to wg-kummer@unispiegel.de. With a submission, you agree with an anonymous publication on SPIEGEL ONLINE, and all the other media of the SPIEGEL group is in agreement.

If she is drunk, she runs also through the hallway and insulted us or starts a fight. They often feel attacked when we point out that it is in compliance with the cleaning plan.

We are, of course, everything in your life debt. In fact, it appears more like a Teenager instead of an adult. Former roommates are because of you undressed.

Now, we feel only because of her, uncomfortable in the apartment, and sometimes even threatened, especially when she screams back drunk through the apartment. Unfortunately, she has no rational thought and is completely headless.

From the landlords we get, unfortunately, no real help, although she already has a warning. Talk works only partially and for a short time, and agreements are not adhered to. Slowly we are with our Latin at the end. How can we proceed further?”

*the Name has been changed

To the Person, Amac Garbe Sabine Stiehler relieves the WG-grief of MIRROR ONLINE readers. Stiehler is a PhD Professor of education and directs the psycho-social advice centre at the Studentenwerk Dresden.

Sabine Stiehler answers:

“dear Tatiana,

you have written, that you get from the landlord doesn’t correct the help. You can’t accept that: He must quit the woman’s. You make it clear to him that you are afraid of the roommate. You tell him that you fear that they might set the apartment on fire, if you smoke, drunk as a skunk.

Go with your three other roommates to the conversation. If you come in group, you can underline the urgency of your request. The landlord is not on site, then go to the house management.

More the help of the WG-therapist

Alina’s roommate talk constantly and openly about yourself, your Childhood and all the others. Alina wants to rest, as you can make the other clear?

Ariana-founded with her colleague, a WG, but found that she is not a WG-type. Now she wants to move in with her boyfriend. How can you say it to your roommate?

Janina has to fear for their roommate, who suffers from mental health problems. Because you might harm himself, dares to Janina, to leave the WG. What can you do?

Carina lives with six men in a WG. As you ask your roommate in order to catch them to bully you. How can you fight back?

Sarah’s roommate is unemployed and hangs out all day in the apartment – as well as his girlfriend. Sarah is totally annoyed. What can you do?

Jacob’s roommate screams in the night, open the door, forgets to switch off the oven and she has an eating disorder. Can Jacob help her?

Lena is new in town and moves into a WG. Roommate Ben is doing a lot with her. But when Lena comes together with a friend of Ben, the problems start. What can he do?

“it’s Only Twitter, then violence”: Jojo has parakeets, four shaft. His roommate and bustle of the birds in the madness. His frustration has been omitted from this only at the cage, then at the living room door – and now?

“My roommate steals food – can I install a camera?”: Since then, the new roommate is drawn in the WG, disappearance of food – and nobody wants to do it. Arabella excites the most. You are now considering to monitor the kitchen. A good idea?

“it’d be like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”: The friendship seems to be at the end. Anne and her roommate can’t. What can you do to Anne?

“My roommate want my girlfriend dressing”: Jonas’ new girlfriend is sleeping almost every night with him in the WG. Now his roommate wants you to regularly clean the bathroom. You must?

“He invites people he barely knows”: Sabina don’t want your roommate to visit is located, if it is gone. But you can ban him?

“My room neighboring the plague is for me”: He tramples across the hall, the doors and sleep with the faucet running. Catherine endures your neighbors in the Dorm. What can you do?

“no one takes care of the cats”: Philipps new roommate gives your cats, too little food, the dish is rarely clean and is not concerned with them. He is overwhelmed. What is he to do?

“Our roommate is drinking too much”: Hans has integrated well into the WG, then he pulls back suddenly, drinking a lot of alcohol and complains to the landlord about the other roommate. What should you do?

you Should have fear of their drinking roommate puts you in danger, then you can talk directly with her when she comes home from work and still not drunk. You tell her that you are afraid that a glowing cigarette could stay. They have this conversation a second roommate.

When her older roommate drunk yells, then she can go to her in this Moment, rather out of the way. Avoid contact with her, otherwise you can get carried away maybe anything else you might be sorry later. You could yell at you then perhaps – so that the Situation would only escalate. If this roommate wants to drunk talk to you, tell her that you’ll have to talk with her again when she’s sober.”

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