The German armed forces, possibly in front of a spy scandal. According to the MIRROR, officials from the Federal criminal police office arrested on Tuesday a member of staff of the force, to highly sensitive information to the Iranian intelligence service MOIS betrayed.

attorney General Peter Frank accuses the 50-year-old Abdul-Hamid S. secret service agent activity. The native Afghan worked for the army as a decoder and the regional scientific Advisor. For the Iranian secret service, he should have already been working for several years.

In its activities in the German army S. had access to sensitive information, such as the use of force in Afghanistan, but maybe also to other areas of interest for the German security authorities.

The fact that a foreign intelligence service has inside sources in the German security apparatus, is highly explosive. Such cases are typically used to provide considerable excitement, as Markus R.. The BND employee was flown in 2013 as an Informant for the U.S. secret service, the CIA. He had used his findings to also Russian authorities.

2011 was compromised by a Russian agent couple in Germany. Over the years it kept from Germany, a source in the Dutch foreign Ministry and tried to recruit employees of German security authorities as sources.

hacker attacks by Iranian services on German targets

In the security authorities monitored the activities of Iranian intelligence services in Europe for some time, with increasing concern. Last year, in Austria, accredited in Iran was taken against the Diplomat in Germany. He led them over the years, sources in Belgium. Most recently, he is supposed to have two of its Well the order for an attack on the Meeting of an Iranian opposition group in Paris issued. The two were shortly before the planned attack.

in Addition, hacker attacks Iran were known of services on German targets. In the meantime, German authorities also believed that Tehran is preparing a list of potential Jewish targets in Germany that could be attacked in the event of a war Iran and Israel. The allegations were not proven yet.

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