The news Agency Mediafax reported, citing the police. The 31-year-old driver of the accident Car is raced accordingly, it is 180 kilometers per hour on a country road near the Western Romanian city of Timisoara (Timisoara).

Apparently, he was distracted by the fact that he transferred his journey with booming loud music from the car radio via the Internet platform Facebook-Live.

three years of hard –

The car hurt, bounced, finally, on an unlit tractor and was thrown as a result on the oncoming lane. There he crashed with an oncoming Car. In this, the nine-year-old girl was killed. The little Boy who was seriously injured, had been sitting in the car in the accident driver.

again and again, car drivers cause serious accidents, because they seem to want to flay with driving at high speed impression of your Facebook entourage.

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