boost to the reform of the high school. Since 11 October, the supreme Council of programs shall meet to discuss, amend and vote on the 81 programs of second and first. These meetings at no charge – all must be completed on the 2nd of November – begin with a commission renewed in part because four mandates come due. Among these, that of Marie-Aleth Grard, vice-president of ATD Fourth World, who had announced his resignation a few days of the end of its mandate.

The meetings are held in a tense context. Draft texts have been put online by the unions and associations, the chair of the CSP, Souâd Ayada, has decided to no longer communicate project programmes upstream to its members. The texts that have not leaked will be available in a room and will need to be submitted before the start of voting. While the held detailed meetings, that The World is secured, provides for between four and seven programs voted by day, and that some of the texts have not been consulted in advance, the CSP “in the era Blanquer” can it still hold its role ?

designed by Vincent Peillon in 2013, this forum brings together six parliamentarians, two members of the economic Council, social and environmental-and ten “experts” – academics, or inspectors general – around one conviction : what should be taught to children is not only the business of specialists of different disciplines. For Roger-François Gauthier, a member of “history” of the CSP, and associate professor at the university Paris-Descartes, whose mandate ended on 10 October, the original idea was that ” the company should be able to get involved and contribute to define the political project of the school “.

Except that it gets stuck as soon as the first lashings. The first president of the body, Alain Boissinot, slams the door in June 2014. In his letter of resignation addressed to the…

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