are injured Every year in Germany, many people on new year’s eve due to fireworks. A majority of Germans said in a survey for fireworks bans in inner cities. Cities like Brunswick, Dortmund, and Hannover have said the Ignition in certain areas already.

Also, Berlin was in the past, look to repeatedly place riot-like scenes on new year’s eve. Hospitals in the capital have to be the first casualty in the rule prior to the 31. December treat. Self-rescue forces were attacked with firecrackers.

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The Green, Stephan von Dassel is the district mayor of Berlin-Mitte, where more people live than in Bochum. In the interview, he describes the situation in his district on new year’s eve and the day after that, and manifests itself to the celebration of culture, freedom and respect.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr. von Dassel, from your district of Berlin-Mitte, you know on the one hand, the pictures from new year’s eve fireworks at the Brandenburg gate. In recent years, but always came back to accidents and scenes, the rate critics as a “street fights”. What do you do about it?

Stephan von Dassel: firecrackers are used by some, in the meantime, such as weapons. There are streets to avoid, you should on new year’s eve. The Morning after, it often looks like a battlefield. And I have the feeling that there is a bit of consideration each year is still a loser. Therefore, I think it is good that a discussion of firecracker bans, has begun.

MIRROR ONLINE: Are you for a ban?

Dassel In the case of firecrackers, the am loud crack, I for a ban. In the case of fireworks you can think about bodies, about different solutions.

To the Person, DPA, Stephan von Dassel , Born in 1967 born in Münster, Germany, since the fall of 2016, mayor of the Berlin district of Mitte, around 380,000 people from different cultures and strata of life. The Green politician is one of the more well-known local politicians in the capital and collides with some of the items (“Laissez-faire is not mine”), often also in his own party.

MIRROR ONLINE: How could this look like?

Dassel Here in Berlin would be about Central fireworks sites in the different districts in question. There could then ignite any fireworks, or there would be a public organised fireworks. In fact, I think that is a question that one might ask in the sense of a direct involvement of citizens well the Berliners.

MIRROR ONLINE: In Berlin, has moved an application, which should restrict the firecrackers on new year’s eve, for the coming year. It provides that the districts get the opportunity, and the exploration limit.

Dassel That is total nonsense. Here, we need a scheme for the whole of Berlin. The country has made here a slender foot.

MIRROR ONLINE: Many in Germany, the pounding on new year’s eve, but for a part of the celebration of culture.

Dassel The actual new year’s Eve fireworks, I can gain quite a bit. But it can make each and everything in the city, only because he thinks that belong to the celebration of culture.

MIRROR ONLINE: Many will see this as a freedom of circumcision.

Dassel Absolute freedom is only in the Wilderness. But where so many people live in close quarters, such as in the center of Berlin, it must be ensured that the runs peacefully through a rules and, where appropriate, by bans. I don’t see that as contempt of freedom, but as the enforcement of consideration.

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