Prior to Malta, the situation is deteriorating for 49 rescued refugees: they are stuck on Board the two rescue ships. The boats of German aid organisations were allowed to search, due to the high swell last week in the vicinity of the coast of Malta, however, does not create.

“in the Meantime, the drinking water and industrial water supplies of the ship to be interned in a strictly rational,” said the organization Sea-Eye on early Monday morning. They had at 29. December in international waters off Libya, 17 people on Board the “Professor Albrecht Penck” . The Rescued slept for more than a week in the infirmary, they shared only one toilet, it was more of the Sea-Eye. Mattresses and a change of clothes there.


Also, a ship of the Organisation of Sea Watch is located further off the coast of Malta. The 32 people on Board the “Sea-Watch 3” were already on 22. December saved. The situation for the people, according to the organization is critical. The doctor on Board the “Sea Watch 3”, Frank Dörner, said in a Video on Twitter: “The Situation on Board is getting more unstable.” The people were traumatized, seasickness, and the uncertainty would be. “It is a very catastrophic Situation.”

Sea-Eye-Board Jan Ribbeck said: “If it continues like this, then we need to be in Malta shortly to support and replenish our supplies ask. Our fuel supplies are also finite.” Also, for the 18 crew members of the “Professor Albrecht Penck” had exceeded the limits of the carrying capacity a long time ago.

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Malta, Italy and Spain are opposed to a recording of the refugees. A spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry had said on Saturday that it was to accommodate the people, but in the context of a “broad European distribution solution”. Pope Francis had also turned on and a “relevant appeal exercised” to the European heads of state and government directed, to show solidarity with the 49 people.


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