Actually, an award with the stars of the gastronomy Bible-the Michelin Guide for cooks is a reason to celebrate. Not so for the French top chef Sébastien Bras: The had returned a year ago, his three – star and was honored in the latest Michelin-expenditure against his or her will with two stars.

He had taken the “in amazement”, said the 47-Year-old on Monday. The “conflicting decision” of the Michelin Guide made him “skeptical”. The star and the “strategies” of the gastronomy guide would not interest him anyway.

Bras had announced in September 2017 in a sensational step, the three-star gourmet restaurants “Le Suquet”, in Laguiole in the Auvergne. He reasoned at the time with the “pressure” of the highest kitchen mean consecrate.

“Le Suquet”, the could decorate since 1999, with three Michelin stars, was no longer listed in the output in 2018 of the Michelin Guide. In the on Monday presented a new edition of the gastronomy guide Bras has been awarded with two stars.


the decisions of The Michelin-Tester provided with other top chefs from across the other reasons for disappointment: The famous Restaurant “L’auberge de l’ill” of Marc Haeberlin in Alsace, which had worn for 51 years, the highest Michelin award, was downgraded from three to two stars. The same fate suffered the well-known top chef, Marc Veyrat, with its Restaurant “La Maison des Bois”. For Veyrat particularly bitter: He had to get the third star just last year.


In the series of the Three-star Restaurants, there are two newcomers: Laurent Petit from Le Clos des Sens in Annecy, as well as Mauro Colagreco from Mirazur in Menton. In the case of the Two-star Local this year there are five new additions. A total of 75 new Restaurants have been awarded in France with at least one star – a “record year”, as Gwendal Poullennec, chief of the gastro-leader, says.

The company Michelin as the tyre manufacturer is known. The “Michelin Guide” is a guide for motorists, in the Hotels and Restaurants are rated. To make traveler easy to find good addresses, the entries with stars.


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