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Theresa May, the iron Prime Minister

The Brexit strategy of the British Prime Minister is apparently: with the head through the wall. Criticism prior to the throw May a long time, you have an authoritarian leadership style, and take too little consideration to the opinions of others. Last week the deputies of the lower house with an overwhelming majority against the Brexit Deal, she had brought a few weeks ago, from Brussels to home, and staggered her the most serious parliamentary defeat in modern history. voted

One reason for the change of course, this debacle May not, however, was apparently. On Monday, she told Parliament that she will adhere to your original Plan. Only you want to listen now, “” what say the members – almost two years after the start of Brexit negotiations. Whether that will help to revive your Plan, is questionable.

Arlene Foster – the secret Power

The Head of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has May in of the Hand. And we both know it. May has been held since the botched elections in mid-2017, only because of the tens of DUP members in the tolerate house of their government.

The DUP politicians are enthusiastic unionists, and reject anything that might drive a wedge between Northern Ireland and the Rest of the United Kingdom. That’s why the Brexit Deal, the May with Brussels is not for you. Because this could lead to that for Northern Ireland (at least temporarily) different rules apply for Scotland, England and Wales. A may be less unionist-friendly Labour government, the DUP should like, however, in any case. Therefore, they voted last week to deprive the government of the trust.

Jeremy Corbyn – the procrastinator

Many Labour members were pronounced in the past few weeks, dissatisfied with her boss. Because the overwhelming majority of the Labour Basis, wishes to have a second EU Referendum and Brexit-stop. But Corbyn has held up so far in this issue covered. This is because, unlike the members, are divided, the Labour voters in this question. The majority of the constituencies won by Labour at the last election, have voted in the EU Referendum for the Brexit. Corbyn said so far, therefore, for a smoother Brexit, as it May aspire to. A, would remain in the country in the customs Union.

However, it seems that the base I found at Corbyn ear: And so Labour brought in on Monday night an Amendment that has the goal to let the deputies about several Alternatives to Mays-Brexit Deal to the vote. One of the options: a second EU Referendum. The vote is expected next week. A majority in favour of such a Referendum, there is not in the house currently.

Jacob Rees-Mogg – of-Brexit-Ultra

The conservative MP, together with Steve Baker, the group of the Brexit-hardliners on the Tory MPs in the lower house. Rees-Mogg maintains its Image of a traditional Upper-class Britons so consistently that he used to be the nickname “the member for the 18. Century” was missed.

His rigid Occur will not harm him, apparently. On the contrary, for A time, Rees-Mogg, the Tory base was even traded as the front-runner for the Post of Prime Minister. He has long argued for a No-Deal-Brexit, so a Brexit, the UK will leave the EU without an agreement. In the past few days he has been, however, surprisingly behind Mays Deal. Apparently, he feared that the Brexit could be canceled, if May should definitively fail.

Dominic Grieve – not to say the walkers

The conservative MP and former top judicial officers of England and Wales, afraid of his opinion. Grieve asserted always that he does not want to stop the Brexit. But, he warns, since Long been strongly of the risks of a disorderly EU exit and has made Theresa May is often. Currently, Grieve for a Change in the rules of procedure in the house of Commons, which would enable the members to take control of the Brexit process. If the Brexit-the hard-liners, he has made no friends.

Nick Boles and Yvette Cooper – the mine

Nick Boles

The conservative MP Nick Boles and his Labour colleague Yvette Cooper’s go with your proposal is not as far as you Grieve, but in a similar direction: you want to see next week with an Amendment to ensure that the members receive the power, the Brexit-appointment on the 29. To move in March.

Yvette Cooper

Should have the members of Parliament and the government until the end of February on a compromise agreed to, then the Brexit should be moved to the end of 2019. The EU would have something to say about that, but it would probably be flexible, in order to prevent a Chaos-Brexit. Some of the influence of deputies the rich to support the two of them.

Nicola Sturgeon – the lawyer from the North

The current Chaos in London will forget Scotland. The part of the country plays a crucial role. Its residents have voted in the Referendum in 2016, with a large majority for remaining in the EU. Because this is a good Reputation for many Scots. According to low, the enthusiasm, to be of London against the will of their own from the Alliance dragged.

The lawyer for the pro-European Scots, the First Minister of the Region, Nicola Sturgeon. She accuses the Prime May regularly, to ignore the concerns of other parts of the country. Sturgeons Scottish National Party, pays close attention to the mood in the Region. The Scottish independence referendum in 2014 could not prevail with the Scottish nationalists. But the mood could change – especially if the Brexit of the Region should be economically detrimental.

Boris Johnson – the eternal pretenders to the throne

the previous Brexit-protagonists, it has become relatively quiet. But that shouldn’t fool you. Johnson wants to be Prime Minister in the UK, which is a poorly-kept secret. After the EU vote in 2016 is not succeeded, because he was like his former comrades-in-arms, the current environment Minister, Michael Gove, at the last Minute in the back. Theresa May appointed him instead to the Minister of foreign Affairs, was able to Shine in this role.

As Johnson in the summer of his Ministerjob resigned, allegedly in Protest against may’s Plan, saw many party colleagues his Chance at the top Job in the Kingdom is wasted. But Johnson is not giving up, and in the case of the Tory base, he is still good. He is currently regarded as a promising candidate for may’s successor, if they should vacate their Post.

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