The writer Edgar Hilsenrath is dead. His family announced Tuesday on his website, his wife Marlene, confirmed his death. He died, therefore, on Sunday at the age of 92 years in the hospital, Wittlich (Rhineland-Palatinate) after a pneumonia.

Hilsenrath reached with his novels, millions of copies and is regarded by some linguists as one of the most important Holocaust authors. He told in his books of life and Survival during the Holocaust and his experiences in the Jewish Ghetto. His expressive observations were not directly accusatory, but through Humor and Satire is broken.

In “the night”, his first novel, he described with the most horrible Details of the Ghetto, in which he had lived, under other names. Hilsenrath had fled from the pogrom night from his birth town of Halle to Romania, and was deported from there, but with his mother and his siblings in 1941 in the Ukrainian Ghetto in Mogilev-Podolski. After the war, he came to Palestine and emigrated in the fifty years after New York.

an International managed Hilsenrath in the seventies, with the Nazi-Grotesque “The Nazi & the Barber” to his breakthrough. The Satire was first published in the United States, because they had been rejected by dozens of publishers on the grounds, on this subject, you should not write satirically. Edgar Hilsenrath returned in 1975 to Germany. He lived first in Berlin, later until his death in the Eifel.

in the United States, France and Italy, his books were best-sellers, worldwide million copies sold. Hilsenrath has been awarded many prizes and translated into 18 languages. His last book, “Terminus”, was released in 2006.


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