probably The only white Orang-Utan in the world, a female named Alba, is allowed to return in freedom. The approximately seven-year-old animal should be released into the wild this week in the jungle of the island of Borneo, the Indonesian government and the animal protection organization BOS said on Tuesday. The new home to the Albino monkey lady is in the future of the national Park Bukit Baka Bukit Raya in the Indonesian part of the island.

The extremely rare animal with the white fur and blue eyes, was discovered in April 2017 to Borneo in a remote village, neglected and locked in a tiny wooden cage. From there she was taken to a rescue centre of the animal welfare organisation, Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS), you aufpäppelte.


Long was not clear whether their physical condition would make a return to the Wilderness. Meanwhile, Alba has recovered completely, apart from a visual impairment because of their innate genetic defect. Under low vision even many other Albinos suffer.

“Strong, wild behavior”

In the lifeboat station and show you are still “strong, wild behavior,” says BOS. In the Organ-Utan group, with the help of Alba in the Station lives, it had taken the dominant Position. The visual impairment does not hinder you when Climbing, it said.

Alba grew up probably in the first five years of her life in the rain forest. Free you is left, together with the Orang-Utan lady Kika, who knows you from the lifeboat station and with the help of which you understand well. Also, Kika was released in 2017, from a cage, where she had been illegally kept as a pet. Both animals respond to people with escape – good conditions for a life in freedom, writes BOS.

animal rights activists will keep Alba. By tracking you can track the rare monkeys in the rain forest.

Overall, worldwide, there are still between 70,000 and 100,000 Orang-Utans. The apes that are normally reddish-brown fur are considered to be endangered or threatened with extinction.


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