Around the famous Statue of Marianne, France’s national symbol, were on Sunday on the Republic square in Paris, the spray command on the road, the graffiti of the demonstrations of the previous day wash away. The work was done quickly. As bad as a week ago, the arch of triumph, the protesters were not listed this Time.

their number had, neither in Paris, nor the country, in spite of the repulsive images taken from the past weekend. Of 125,000 people protested across the country, alone, 10,000 in Paris, almost as many as before. Which means that the political cleanup work now will be all the greater. Because the movement of the so-called “yellow West”.

“The President needs to talk-and fast”

On Monday, will now reply to the French President, Emmanuel Macron, for the first time directly to the protests. In the Morning he will meet with representatives of the trade unions and employers. “The President has to talk fast”, the mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, called for when he visited on Sunday the destruction of his city. Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux announced an opinion Macrons for Monday night.

Champs Elysees

In Bordeaux, the violence took place on Saturday most active in protests. The otherwise, for their peace and Serenity of well-known city bot revolt of scenes similar to a week before Paris. What, in turn, suggests that the revolt is not yet finished.

that is Exactly the task Macrons: France, and the “yellow vests” to rest in order for the protests to now, four hot weekends is not easy to go further.

“France must reconcile yourself again with yourself,” said the former socialist presidential candidate and environment Minister Ségolène Royal. The country of human rights should show before the whole world is no longer so divided. “We all have a responsibility to set the Hysteresis of the French society and to call for calm,” said Royal.

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Actually, the political class of France seemed to be to the right-wing extremist Marine Le Pen to be United, to fuel the protests further. Le Pen said the President should now “give strong responses to social Suffering.” This was, exceptionally, completely in the Mainstream.

the Macron seems to have the signs of the times answered. Since last Friday evening, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe received for the first time, a large Delegation of the “yellow vests” in his Paris headquarters, sends the government peace sign to the protesters. Inconceivable that a Minister – as recently happened – is likely to refer to the yellow West as the “brown West”. The feared right-wing character of the protest movement was not confirmed even on the road.


most of The yellow West is material, receivables: less taxes and higher wages for the socially disadvantaged. This is how it looked on Sunday Macrons Finance and economy Minister Bruno Le Maire: “The President must now find the right words for the social crisis. The people demand that they can live from their work. You thirst after more righteousness.” He announced the measures that the President “will be equal to the depth of the crisis”.

So it looks like Macron would come on Monday continued the Protest. Already last week he had a planned increase in the gasoline tax for the 1. January and the associated measures repealed. So he fulfilled the origin requirement of the yellow West, the expect, in the meantime, however, further financial relief.

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However, Macrons are coming to meet the first costs the government about three billion euros in planned income. The question is therefore how much the President is willing to, and whether he’ll actually Protest. Already one of the most influential Economists of France, and Harvard Professor Philippe Aghion, to the President, not to judge in his decision according to the European stability criteria, the allowed public deficit to the EU limit the countries to three percent advised.

And yet it could not be that Macrons announced in response to the “yellow vests” in the first line for the money. So memorable, some of his performances so far – about the night of his electoral victory with the Beethoven-anthem of the Paris Louvre pyramid or his Europe speech before the students of the Sorbonne in Paris; this Time, he must appeal to a very different audience:-academics, the unemployed, farmers, truck drivers, nurses.

With them, the President has to come into the conversation, in order to give credence to his actions. Macron is on the Monday before the biggest test of his tenure.

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