The Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG) in Syria have asked the government of head of state Bashar al-Assad for assistance in the expected Turkish military offensive. The YPG called on the government in Damascus, troops in the controlled areas to relocate in the North of Syria.

According to the US President, Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of troops of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had threatened to expel the YPG from the Region. Ankara fears that Kurdish militiamen in the North-East of Syria to form an independent Proto-state that could be a role model for the Kurds in Turkey.

In the night of Christmas eve had according to the media, a first convoy with tanks and grenade launchers, reports reached the Turkish border town of Kilis. Ankara moved the troops only a few days after the US had begun with the departure of their own soldiers.

The YPG fight in the North of Syria, in particular against the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) and were previously supported by the USA. Trump looks at the IS, however, largely defeated.

the General staff of The Syrian army announced on Friday morning that units of government troops in the Northern town of Manbij bearing moved and the Syrian flag in the city have hoisted. The step was a response to the request of the local administration. According to information from eyewitnesses, the government will not negotiate troops and the military Council, which ruled Manbij currently, about what conditions the government forces to help the Kurdish fighters in the city.

return after more than six years

It is the first Time in six and a half years, that forces of the Syrian regime, return to the city. In July 2012, a local rebel Alliance had expelled government troops from Manbij. At the time, the place was one of the first large cities of Syria, in which Assad lost control.

In January 2014, the IS took Manbij. In August 2016, the “Syrian Democratic forces” (SDF) – recaptured by Kurdish fighters – dominated military Alliance-Manbij. Turkey calls since then, the Kurds pull out of the place and threaten them with a military offensive. Turkey sees the YPG as an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK and thus a terrorist organization.

According to eyewitnesses, both Kurdish fighters and US troops, and French soldiers in Manbij on hold currently. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron wants to unlike US President, Trump adherence to the use of its 200 special forces for the time being. The engagement of the Syrian government troops, however, likely to increase the pressure on Macron to finish the Mission.


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