Russian President Vladimir Putin urges the Turkey to a crackdown against terrorist groups in the Syrian rebels in Idlib region. “We see that the Turkish Partner will do a lot to reduce the emitted by the threat of terrorism,” Putin said after a Meeting with his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow.

Now, joint efforts were necessary to eliminate the danger permanently. Erdogan and Putin had been in the past year, a truce for the Idlib province and as a Syrian and a Russian attack on the territory averted. Most recently, the jihadist group Haiat Tahrir al-sham (HTS), however, had achieved back premises profits in the Region.

The announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from the East and South of Syria, Putin and Erdogan welcomed. Erdogan made it clear, that the local Kurdish associations, previously allies of the United States, were for him an opponent. The main task for Turkey in Syria, the fight against the terrorist group Islamic state (IS) and the Kurdish militia YPG, he said.

On the establishment of a security zone in Northern Syria, the state could not some of the chiefs, however, continue. Putin said instead, his willingness, as a host of other summits between Turkey and Russia. He was also the prospect to involve Iran in future agreements. Then should once again be the formation of a Committee negotiated to develop a new Syrian Constitution.


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