may for the time being, on a pasture in upper Bavaria, wood, the cow bells of the churches ring. The land court of Munich II has dismissed the complaint of a neighbor, who lives with her husband on the outskirts of the town – and of the cows, the bells, but also of odours and flies disturbed feels.

The dispute with the farmer’s wife running for years. According to the husband, the property belongs to, complained to his wife. You have no claim to stand, justified the chamber now, the dismissal of the action. It was not the owner of the property.

in Addition, the court expressed doubts as to whether the woman alleged harassment was much. Also in the raised “Ortsunüblichkeit” grazing use, the judge had doubts. It went to five cows, four bells, six weeks and eight cows, with six bells, four and a half weeks, and listed the court.


The plaintiff had kept meticulous book – and argues that The bells bimmelten at night she could not sleep. She had not complained against the farmer, a family operation with about three dozen cows, but also against the municipality, which has leased about one acre of pasture land.

Previously, the husband had failed with his fight against the cowbells in front of the regional court of Munich II, not least because of a comparison he had previously closed with the farmer. On this comparison, the court referred again. Therefore, cows with bells should graze only in the at least 20 meters distant part of the pasture.

The couple, according to the not brought enough relief. The dispute continues: The husband waits for the second instance before the higher regional court (OLG) in Munich. If the woman pulls in front of the court of appeal, is still open.


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