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Bernd Baumann was trying to Confidence. Whether soon an observation of his party, threatened by the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, was asked the Parliamentary Secretary of the AfD parliamentary group early in the Morning in a round with journalists. He’ll stay there completely abandoned, the former media Manager: “I don’t think it comes to that.”

in fact, Baumann should keep a few hours later on the right. His party is not initially observed. However, the news reached the AfD on this Tuesday in Berlin, resulted in the AfD-tip still to hectic activities. So quickly was not expected that a Declaration of national intelligence.

it soon became clear: The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution has declared the party to be the “test case” and the youth organization Young Alternative (JA), as well as the right-winger Björn Höcke co-founded collection of movement “in The wings” to “suspected cases”.

the AfD an observation is missing at present, justified the protection of the Constitution, President Thomas Haldenwang at a press conference that evidence of “against the free democratic basic order policy” were not compacted sufficiently, to observation, to initiate the use of intelligence resources.

In the case of an examination may not use intelligence resources, but only publicly accessible Material, Speeches and other public Statements by AfD-political core be used in social media. In the case of YES, and the “wing” is different. With the more stringent classification as “suspected cases” may apply to the Federal office against YES and “wings” theoretically, intelligence resources, such observations and the cooperation with V-people. Also can be done in these cases – unlike in the case of an audit – “personal evaluations and personal memory” by the Federal office.

the protection of the Constitution, the President of Haldenwang

Höcke, and the “wings” are likely to remain for the time being of an observation with intelligence means spared. He did not assume, so the protection of the Constitution President Haldenwang, that it is coming “soon” to the use of intelligence funds “with high intensity of Intervention”. Höcke even responded with an ironic entry on Twitter: “to Me, the officials can do right now, I need to kill time not looking for things which are.”

material collection for autumn

A decision from the Federal to the AfD had been expected for weeks. Since October, the appropriate collection of materials for the country offices was there. Overall, the Federal office for a panel of experts evaluated the opinion of the Material on 1069 pages, most of which comes from the authority itself, but mainly of deliveries of each of the land offices for the protection of the Constitution.

are protected Because, according to the case law of the Federal constitutional court, MPs especially, were used, no Talk of AfD representatives in parliaments. Overall, the Federal office examined 182 Talk of 50 party representatives, including 80 hours of video material. Around 80 Facebook performances by AfD officials were also incorporated in the rating, it said.

The Federal Agency has not contributed to his current decision, this vote was taken “by mutual agreement” with the country offices, but it will come together in a few days with the local tips.

indications for “extremist aspiration,”

That was declared a “suspected case,” said Haldenwang that you track as a Whole efforts against the free democratic basic order, the “wings” to give it “highly condensed evidence” to a “extremist efforts”. More recently, the AfD had tried at the country level, to separate from Parts of the YES: a resolution of the local youth Association, the lower Saxony recommended that before Christmas the Bremen AfD Board of Directors-YES-the national Association had dissolved in November. The Young Alternative, is already observed by the protection of the Constitution authorities in Bremen, lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg.

The Thüringer Landes – und group chief Höcke applies to the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution within the wing as a “hub”, as it was called internally. Today’s AfD top candidate for the state Parliament election in Brandenburg, Andreas Kalbitz and one of the candidates on the AfD’s European election list, Islam-critic Hans-Thomas till Schneider, one of the domestic intelligence service to be “relevant” to the “wing”. A piece of this was the recently from the AfD leaked André Poggenburg, it said in Berlin.

the AfD group leaders, Alexander Gauland, and Alice ryegrass

The AfD-tip responded on Tuesday at a press conference in the Bundestag. AfD-party leader Alexander Gauland said that you think the decision is wrong and legally it will take action against it. Gauland assured Höcke and Kalbitz, the support of the national Executive Committee.

questions to the personnel Maaßen

His AfD-faction Co-Head of Alice ryegrass referred to the recently out of his office, resigned the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen: “Mr Maassen would not have been this decision at all possible, that’s why he had to go, so hunts have been constructed, and now we have this decision,” said Weidel. Maaßen was asserted under others and also in the criticism, because he had met with AfD top politicians, ex-officio, as with other top politicians, as he always.

With a background discussion of the constitutional protection in Berlin, the question, according to Maaßen. Representatives of the office were self-aware: Whether today’s decision would have been different, don’t know you but, had finally been “no crystal ball” And: “Who cares today?”

to explain, However, The political message of the Federal office, the AfD for the test case, is not unheikel. Among lawyers it is considered to be quite controversial, whether by marking it as a “test case” is not already a stigma attached to admission. This had already been in September discussed at the time of the Thuringian protection of the Constitution made the AfD-national Association of Höcke to the test case.

Get the party a Stigma missed?

Similarly, Roland Hartwig, a lawyer and head of the AfD-internal working group dealing with the protection of the Constitution argued on Tuesday. Haldenwang have proclaimed a “total non event”, the President of the constitutional protection did not know “that of course can have an impact on our voters”. They are going to look at “exactly legal”.

Also in this issue, you responded to the Federal left. The “legal problem” was well known, it said. With today’s result you are not doing the party, but possibly even “as a Favor” – because you can now dispel the suspicion of extremist aspirations.

Combined : The protection of the Constitution sees the AfD as a “test case”, the Young Alternative and Björn Höckes “The wing”, even as “suspected cases”. In the latter case, theoretically, intelligence could be applied – for example, observations and the cooperation with V-people. At the party, however, only publicly available Material may be included in the evaluation. Nevertheless, it is upset in the tip and is considering legal action.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.