The protection of the Constitution has announced that the AfD as a test case stronger. A special attention is paid to the “wing” of the party in the Thuringian AfD-land-in-chief Björn Höcke, and the party youth organization “Young Alternative”. The moderate part of the party which met apparently on consent.

He hoped that in the “wings” and YES, “a self-cleaning process and it is not possible to remove all constitutional ideas from the pronouncements,” said the member of the Bundestag, Uwe Witt, the newspaper “The world”.

Witt is one of the speakers of the “Alternative center”, which is understood as the flow of the Moderates in the AfD. In his view, the right wing and the youth organization must first disconnect YES “certain people”.

in the opinion of Jens Wilharm, lower Saxony, spokesman for the Alternative center, are the “wings” and the threatening, YES, “become a existence danger for the whole party”. He had “little hope that the top committees of our party are willing or able to separate themselves from the “‘wings’ and YES,” – quoted him as saying the “world”.

The protection of the Constitution had declared the AfD on Tuesday, as a Whole, to the test case and takes it more under the microscope. Yet take a closer look to the domestic intelligence service at the national “wings” and the boys Alternative: These have been declared to be a suspected case.


In a test case, an observation V is not allowed to people or other intelligence means. An organization is explained in contrast to the case of suspicion, so this is – even if only to a very limited extent – possible. For example, is then permitted an Observation, as well as the Obtaining of certain information from public authorities. So-called V-people and the interception of telecommunications but may also be used.

The Deputy YES-chair Nicolai Boudaghi said the “world”, he will explain “with a high number of additional members” in the next few days to his exit from the youth organization. “The youth organization is not a fire hazard for the AfD.” There are “too many people in the YES, the cross the line of what is democratically”

want to take action, The AfD announced that legal action against the Review. “We keep both, this decision is wrong,” said Alexander Gauland, Bundestag faction leader, in a joint statement with Co-chair Alice ryegrass.

country interior Minister calls for a close look

North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) has reminded, according to the classification of the AfD as a test case to the German Nazi past. “Of course I don’t want to compare the AfD with the Nazi party, that would be dishonest,” said the CDU politician of the editors ‘ network of Germany. “But I say, too, that There were cases in German history, in which you have to have to look. This should be a permanent doctrine.” Reul, described the decision as a “warning shot” for the AfD. The party must now take a stand, “if your party color is blue or not brown”.

The North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of the interior said, it had been in German history a party which had a great acceptance among voters. “At that time, nothing has been done. In the end, we know.” In consideration of which it was true, “to set the warning shot, this time at a very early stage”. On the question of whether the decision was also a lesson from the history of the NSDAP and of the late Weimar Republic, replied Reul: “Yes, in a certain way.”


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