Who wants to buy in 2019, a property, better be careful. Because of the construction and real estate boom is coming to an end.

According to a study by credit insurer Euler Hermes, the Outlook gloomy in the construction industry worldwide. The Federal Republic of Germany in comparison to other countries, even relatively well. The construction sector is expected to continue its current growth rate of almost three percent in the coming year, writes Euler Hermes.

But in this country the signs of a soon end to the construction boom. The expected turn in the interest rate policy of the European Central Bank is already now the cost of construction loans increase slightly. The land prices will be more expensive. The demand for real estate and related loans drops.

at the same time, the sign of a General economic downturn are on the increase – with the result that the consumer will be more careful. Not many people are willing to take risks, to borrow the beginning of such an uncertain Phase for decades to buy an apartment or a house.

More bankruptcies, but no broke wave

The number of insolvencies in the construction sector also indicates that the Golden era of the construction industry are for the time being, over. Already since the beginning of 2018, the number of bankruptcies to lay back, writes Euler Hermes. This indicates that the liquidity of construction companies is deteriorating gradually.

With a surge of bankruptcies in the real estate sector, however, is not to be expected. Because most of the companies on the basis of the boom is still bulging order books.

Prospective home builders should take better in Eight. Who now buys an overpriced property, in the hope that the prices continue to rise, could soon be in for a rude awakening. Who wants to try it anyway, you should at least consider.

In some German regions, the ratio of supply and demand changes. The influx of people in Topstädte such as Hamburg and Munich, and faded away slowly. Especially young people prefer according to information from the Central real estate Committee (ZIA), the leading Association in the real estate industry, becoming in less expensive cities, such as Passau and Leipzig.

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