During the visit, in addition to the presentation of the rescue service cooperation of Schleswig-Holstein (RKiSH) gGmbH, especially on the question of inter-sectoral supply options for medical help, without necessarily a Transport to the hospital is necessary.

“Minister, we don’t have here too often, and to the best of my recollection, Peter Harry Carstensen as a former Prime Minister, now the second from the Prime Minister’s team that visited us here, as the rescue service cooperation of Schleswig-Holstein directly in the Heather.” said Jan Osnabrügge in the official welcome speech on the occasion of the visit of the Minister of health, Dr. Heiner Garg at the RKiSH Academy.

A tight, but overall slack in the programme, it was due to the time constraints of the Minister to complete. Jan Osnabrügge before exhibited to the visitors in a short lecture the emergence of the RKiSH, the order, the supply area, the use and numbers of employees, education and training, and special structural features. The big challenges such as skills shortages and demographics, as well as outpatient care and a possible solution approach to reduce the use of topics were to pay for the subsequent discussions.

Henning Sander as the head of the RKiSH-Academy explained to the interested Minister in addition to the educational sense, and the chances of simulation concepts directly in the exercise doll the variants under which the use of service personnel, and more is formed. Visually, Dr. Heiner Garg of the wide variety of possibilities, as he stood in front of the straight of a Team-treated “patients,” was impressed. A look into the Training ambulance (T-RTW), as well as the presentation of the development of the RKiSH Academy on a graph awakened also the interest of Heiner Garg, the always asked questions about the backgrounds and training variants.

The concept of the non-clinical case management (PCM) and the use of the Acute-tele automobile within the supply of help according to the actual medical needs of those interested in the content of well-prepared health Minister in the subsequent discussion. For the rescue service, the question of how he will behave on the changes in the demand for emergency calls is below the threshold of a ambulance use in the first place (not a vital threat, or the risk of damage to health in emergency). In cases of doubt, must continue to be, a quick clarification on-site to ensure, however, without compromising the emergency provision of or overload the emergency rooms.

“So I think patient-centered care!” said Heiner Garg as a response to the PCM-conception and saw in addition to the physicians ‘ Association as a necessary Partner for the implementation of the project, the cost object in a key function. The subject must be pursued further.

Dr. Heiner Garg indicated support for the sector, connecting cooperation of the economic good and patient-friendly concept. “I’m more used to create structures.” says Garg. “The Ministry ensures that those together that belong together!” ..

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