The village there is in the whole of Germany, the cellar as well – the jug is to be found, especially in the North, the crown in the South: Shortly before the turn of the year, we showed you how to spread the restaurant’s name in Germany.

In the article, we asked you which restaurant is missing a name in our evaluation – and for which you are interested. Many readers have given us suggestions, by E-Mail or in the Forum. Some justified, why you are interested in exactly what these terms are.

readers of Guido But wrote one of his friends hot cross’s last name. “For years, we are talking about a Hiking/Biking along various Inns/Restaurants cross for a bite to eat”, But writing Mr. “Five of us are already between lake Constance and Ulm, known. Now I would like to have the entire potential extent of our Tour.”

Restaurants with the cross in the name of

we can help: A glance at the map shows that you should limit the Tour to Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria; beyond it are the stages of our analysis, however, arg is long, if you want to go from cross to cross.

Thorsten runner wanted to know how Restaurants distribute the term Alm. “Probably there are, in addition to the genuine Alm – restaurants/hospitality establishments are also some of Bavaria folklore companies in the German medium – sized and large cities,” Mr runner. So it actually looks – geographically a similar Alm would not explain why for example in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt or Bremen-density is found otherwise only in southern Bavaria.

Restaurants with “Alm” in the name of

The evaluation is based on data from the open map project, OpenStreetmap (OSM). Similar to Wikipedia volunteers from around the world to collect information for a publicly available map. This has no claim to absolute correctness – Restaurants may be incorrect or classified. Sometimes you are not noted at all. Therefore, you can add data in OpenStreetMap, or correct errors.

imago/ MIRROR ONLINE the restaurant’s name in Germany: The “jug” in the North, to the “crown” in the South

We use OpenStreetmap data is from the 22. January of the OSM map provider Geofabrik used and according to the Marker “Restaurant” is filtered. Therefore, snacks are not represented in the shown cards. The search referred explicitly to parts of the Name. Under the search word “anchor” around the Restaurant To the anchor will be listed as well as the anchor room. Some of the proposed terms resulted in only a small number of hits, with the help of the reliability and validity of the data decreases, for example, because in the case of rare names are not or incorrectly recorded Restaurants more.


As in the first evaluation a couple of curiosities were:

The Bräustüberl is obviously an almost purely Bavarian institution – only three Restaurants are to be found outside of the free state in the cards. Altwirt and Neuwirt are to be found almost exclusively in the southern part of Bavaria, – readers of Thomas Huber pointed out to us on these terms. The double oak is a North German (and very rare) phenomenon. Where we are in the case of trees: the Green tree reader Hartmut Domröse interested. We do not want to claim that the trees in the North of Germany are green, but the appropriate Local, especially in the South of the Republic. Also, the harmony is more likely to be found in the southern half of the Republic, but rather sparse in the cards 27 in terms of Restaurants were noted. The Erbgericht is a Saxon speciality, as well as Kretscham, a local term for a village tavern or Inn. Reader Gerit Hans Schulze made us this special attention. In Baden-Württemberg animal names are especially popular, appeared already in the first evaluation. In addition to the then-surveyed deer, lion, ox, Swan, and eagle, lamb, and Rössle – both of which are found primarily in the southwest. In the Baden wine is grown, can be read at the accumulation of the vine-restaurants in the Region. Regardless of where you are in Germany on the go: A courtyard for a bite to eat should always find. In the cards more than 5700 registered in the appropriate entries.

Our readers call to the restaurant’s name brought a realisation Of a passion for a Hobby can even make. Reader Fabian Parchmann started at some point, Post office, Restaurants, the he saw in Cycling, to catalog and to show on Instagram. So if you can not get from the Post enough, this way please.

And who wants to see the distribution of the restaurant name from the first article, you will find it here – from Adler to host:

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